[WTB] SIM Cards for IG

I’m interested in buying verifications for IG with real physical SIM cards.
I might use the SIM cards more than once, which is why I can’t use regular PV services.
Paying $5 per verification, which means everytime a certain SIM will get an SMS I’ll pay $5.

PM me if you’re interested

If you send me a PM with all the specs, my team can do that for you. We currently have around 4k sim cards in stock. Since we have some staff that is currently idling, that should not be a problem :smiley:

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There are services that help you reuse numbers. Costs about 5$ per number per month and an extra 10 cents or so for verification

Can you send a few examples of such services? I’ve been searching for hours haha


just an example. There are cheaper services too, you gotta search :slight_smile:


you can use Romania numbers here for 90 days. Each verification is like 10 cents!

There are many russian services. Search and you fill find what fits best for your needs

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