WTB Someone to manage my clients account I can’t have success with

Hello my client has an Instagram that sells a membership to users to join telegram to gain football betting tips.
I have been doing follow/unfollow method but they’ve not been getting enough sign ups nor even to there free trial…

Anyone got experience in this niche ? Would love to give this client to u

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hi. what methods have you been using to try and grow this account?

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Follow/unfollow, They want me to start upping the amount of dm but I’m having trouble wording there “offer”

how are you targeting for follow/unfollow? where are you getting your sources?

Someone just asked me for the same thing couple hours ago for promotion in same niche, but I think Insta is not a good traffic source for this niche. F/U hard… better maybe with promo on targeted forums, sponsored ads and SEO

They have given me 2 big “tipster” accounts to follow people that have liked there photos

Might have been me on a different site lol

No its one friend, in person asked me for help…

i would expect those types of accounts to have a ton of BS activity. personally, i would scrape the followers of those accounts outside of jarvee. you can cut out all the private users outside of jarvee as well. that boiled down list can be dropped into your sources.
from there i would filter heavily to nail down your targets. no no profile pics, high follow back ratio, no businesses, minimum number of posts, etc. maybe even no women considering men make up the bulk of bettors.

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Would u be willing to help me do this ? Would be very grateful :slightly_frowning_face:

check dm. lets move topic there