[WTB] Statistics and Demographics for age range


I am looking to hire someone to create the data, or for a report.

I am speaking to an investor for my company and before investing he wants me to answer the following questions(There are more)

  1. Income level?
  2. Monthly spend on clothing?
  3. Monthly spend on jeans?
  4. Interests and hobbies?
  5. Are there pain points or challenges with what they are currently purchasing?
  6. What are their values and beliefs?
  7. What are the preferred channels and platforms?
  8. Where do they get their news from?
  9. Who gives them their fashion advice- ie GQ, Hypebeast etc
  10. What social media do they use most frequently?


  1. Who are the most influential people to our customers; list top 10
  2. What brands are our customers currently wearing?
  3. What brands would our customer LOVE to be wearing but can’t due to price?
  4. Which influencers are they most likely following? (top 25)

If there is anyone that does this already please DM me, I am just startign to work on this and feel this may be the best place to find someone knowledgeable in this.

Thank you

WTB Thread approved.

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