WTF! Instagram Profile Picture Timer

Checkout this guys, this profile has profile picture that shows current time, when you refresh the page it is changing the time

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Idk what is it but… seems very useful! :sweat_smile:

I wonder if he has something that creates pictures over and over and he has it programmed on what to create for each picture. And then has something set up to continually upload a new profile picture every second.

Cool trick :joy:
But please someone paste him the thread about creating a decent username :grin:

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1m views on his video, what the fuck

It isn’t changing for me. Perhaps they blocked his profile pic changing script

1 mill views but yet 67 comments and 170 likes. Most likely delivered from a panel, since views are much cheaper than likes these days :wink:

You can use a server side script to create a new image with some text overlay above a pic. That’s how those old school captcha images were done, using a tool like GD Graphic Library.

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This is what I’m seeing and I keep refreshing. Can anybody confirm if they are seeing a different time and date?

is not working anymore i think he stoped the script/bot what causing this to happen.