WTF, jarvee repost tool goes on rampage

So jarvee was posting one video a lot of times. I don’t know why… I didn’t changed anything it just happened out of nowhere…


Spyntax: “Can’t get enough of this meal :heart_eyes:


for some reason i find this funny :joy::joy:


Hahahah so true

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I paused jarvee for safety reasons… and not to bother instagram users with this delicious meal :joy:


Had the same a while back…

Not sure what’s the story, contacted support no help. Went away after some days and came back 1 week later. Literally had 15 posts of. Tower Bridge :grin:

Anyway, it was an easy fix:

  1. Repost to campaign instead of the wall
  2. Select reposting campaign you have created
  3. Set up timers etc
  4. Add option send to post list straight away (not drafts, unless you want to review it)
  5. That’s it, no more problems

I would suggest to do that, as I had some important accounts and couldn’t afford this sort of glitches happening. Good luck


That’s exactly my method :man_shrugging:

But still it happened :thinking:

Campaign posted so many times? That’s strange. I had direct repost tool go crazy, not campaign…

If you repost to campaign, you get the same thing. I always go through a campaign before allowing posts. It sucks, but it prevents things like this.

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Maybe you hit post to many times and it lagged bc I’ve done that before and thought it wasn’t posting and it was actually just being slow and I ended up with 20 post on my account

I actually manually review all posts too. Even just glossing over, saves me future drama and silly errors.

Plus this, apparently, haha.

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This is a new approach to the marketing concept of Kale Salad

Also, the ‘automatically remove duplicate posts’ feature - would that help here? I also check manually as Jarvee seems to duplicate reposts sometimes.

I would be careful if I were you. Let it happen more than once, you risk the account getting to shit.

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Lol actually I like how it looks haha. A clean feed :slight_smile: