WWYD? Let me know 🤔

Since I began testing the m/s method I’ve come across a lot of accounts also doing it. Some more aggressive than others, some chill as can be. I’m wondering, what do you guys do when you get an obvious message from someone botting whether it be straight spamming or m/s.

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  • Yes, I report it as spam
  • No, I leave it alone
    [/poll]Do you report it as spam or leave it be?


Leave it. There’s no reason to help out their machine learning.

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I leave it be. Only time I ever report people is when their comments are hateful or abusive. As that has no place on the platform period.

I just leave it alone if it is super spammy someone will report anyway.

I don’t care, they can spam me all night long :smiling_imp:


I always divide the instagram users in 2 groups:

1.Professionals (anybody who is trying to achieve a goal on instagram
2.Casuals (people just hanging around with their friends)

I would not report any professional cause i also would not like to be reported. Casuals will report them anyway if it’s too much.

Edit: Exceptions: if it’s racist and/or contemptuous

just leave him :smiley: