Yahoo mails - automation for "Less Secure App" option


Hi, I have ~1000+ Yahoo emails that I want to enable “Less Secure App” option. Does anybody knows a paid/free tool/bot that does that? Thanks!


Omg watching, need this aswell haha thanks for bringing it up!!!
@mrspuf You said in your bhw thread you use dongles to create accs on your browser manually, wondering if you’ve tried the new guide here on MPsocial on creating them with your own phone manually? Have you tried that? If yes, why did you chose the browser option?
I know this question is unrelated to question, sry… :slight_smile:


Why you not just buy accs where this is enabled? They come at 15ct/piece. Probably much cheaper than changing hundreds of mail accounts.


Can also recommend, it’s actually pretty cheap to buy them with LS enabled already lol…


Why don’t you ask there, this is another forum, another thread… :grinning:

You’re right @Larsometer but I’ve created manually some Yahoo mails, i’ve created the IG accounts with those mails, and now I’m stuck with them. To enable that function will take me around 8h of manually work but I want to know if there’s an alternative. Now I am creating the emails with ~$0.045/piece (with a bot). I want to scale up to 10,000 so it would cost me $1500 only emails if I buy it at 15ct which I don’t want to invest that much. I have also couple of hundreds sims where I can create like 20 emails/sim and it would cost me 0.0125 which it’s insane. It’s just a personal project where I want to prove that you can achieve something big without investing much :slight_smile:


Hmm then why not use your bot to enable “allow less secure apps”?


That sounds crazy cheap indeed, wow…
Yeah I will ask there again, thank you!


The bot enables it only if you create it from scratch. You can’t add it afterward and run the “allow…” feature