Yahoo Recover email after Hacking

One of my friends has a hacker attack where he lost both his Instagram profile and his email address, is there a way to recover the Yahoo email, since they have changed the phone number and Recovery Email?

I was able to recover my Yahoo account by contacting Yahoo support. You can try these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Report it to Yahoo Directly
  3. Fill out the form with the account details and more information about the issue.
  4. I added my other yahoo email in this field.
  5. Wait a few days. They will email you asking a personal question.
  6. I attached my ID in the reply. They didn’t ask, but I thought it would speed up the process.
  7. In the next reply they said they have added the other Yahoo email (step 4) as recovery email
  8. I recovered my account by asking them to send verification code to my new recovery email.
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Thank you so much, you are very very helpful