Yet another free Instagram Analysis tool

Hello everyone!

I’m not the first, and I surely won’t be the last, but I’m a web developer and my girlfriend works in influence marketing, so you probably know were this is going… Haha!

After seeing her spend hundreds of dollars per month in tools that helped but never did 100% what she needed I decided to build my own Instagram analysis and influencer campaign management tool.

It definitely shares a lot with many of the tools that are already out there, maybe presented in a slightly different way. But it also ads some less common features, such as the ability to create collections, which are a good way to easily benchmark your competitors or the accounts you aspire to resemble.

It also offers the ability to track and monitor your campaigns with influencers, how far along are you in the negotiation process, track products that have been shipped, posts that have been made, etc. I know most people here are not selling products, so you probably will not find a use for this, but someone might.

Anyway, like I said, I built this for my girlfriend who works in influence marketing, but if more people can get value out of it please feel free to use it. I don’t plan to make it a paid service, unless the infrastructure becomes insufficient and I need to invest in that, which I don’t anticipate will happen any time soon since this is running on a very decent dedicated server.

Everyone stay safe, and good luck! :slight_smile:


That’s impressive and definitely useful! Also great job with the design :wink:

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Very nice! I like the layout, it’s easy to use, and seems to give a lot of the information you need at a glance.

I may switch to this for my manual account research for a bit to give it a better test - I have a bit of a community and when someone joins/wants to be featured I do a quick check of their engagement rates and manually pick a high engagement photo. This would make it a lot easier.

A few questions:

  1. How far back does the ‘Best performing posts’ section look back? Testing on my own account didn’t bring up my best performing posts from a while back, but did flag up the most recent ones.
  2. What metric do you measure ‘good hashtag use’ by? Is it just by the number used?
  3. Is there any way to filter out the hashtags from the length of caption?
  4. What benefit is there to the user for registering?

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

To answer your questions.

  1. When we first analyze an account we get their last 12 post and from there we check every day to import new posts. So you are completely right, when you just search for an account the first time its only considering the last 12 posts.
  2. Right now only the number of hashtags. Instagram allows up to 30 but experts rarely recommend using more than 8-10. It’s not implemented yet, but I’m also working on a list of “bad” hashtags, such as “like4like”, etc. and will also highlight if any of those are used.
  3. I’m not sure I understand. Hashtags are already being removed before calculating the length of the caption.
  4. By registering you will be able to create your own collection, that is group together any number of accounts you want to keep an eye on and get some data of those accounts combined (here is an example, check the “photos” and “analysis” tabs at the top You also need to register if you want to use the campaign tracking tool as that is something private that will only be accessible to you. Anyway if you only want to analyze profiles there is no need to register.

No problem. Thanks for answering those questions.

My bad - I thought they were counted.

That’s what I thought. Thanks again.

Thanks so much for sharing this! :slight_smile:


Just checked it out - DAMN I love this. It’s unreal! Any chance you will add in the future a way to check the validity of their followers? (How many fake the likely have) :grimacing:

Hey! Thank you for trying it out, glad you like it.

You bring up a very interesting point with the “fake vs. real” followers data. I’ve been struggling to decide wether to go down that path or not, let me explain.

All the information you see right now on is 100% real, meaning it comes directly from the Instagram API or is the result of some mathematical formula which only uses data that comes directly from the Instagram API.

Now the Instagram API des not give you a “number of fake followers”, that is simply not a metric they provide, yet so many tools out there are offering it. They way they do it is by making an educated guess about it. By analyzing large amounts of data we can figure out what a certain profile should look like based on their number of followers, niche, etc. and from there we can see if the profile we are trying to analyze is above or below average to make a guess about how many of their followers are fake (if a 100K account is getting 20 likes, there’s something weird there, right?). We can also go dipper and try to analyze the profiles that are commenting on the photos of this account (Instagram does not give us access to the list of followers) and try to guess if they are real or not and then average those results…

Anyway, without getting too geeky, the point is, the more data you analyze the more accurate y our prediction will be, but at the end of the day when it comes to fake vs. real followers you are always predicting and guessing, so there is not way to know that that metric is actually right. The same is true for many other metrics available on other platforms.

And to answer your question, I’m a very data driven person, and I’m not sure an “educated guess” is good enough for me, so I’ll have to think carefully if I want to start providing that kind of data or stick to 100% accurate data.


Hello excellent tool

I leave you some suggestions, which I did not see.

  • You should implement the sending of daily, weekly and monthly reports of the accounts entered.
  • You should have a manual to use the tool or frequently asked questions.
  • Option to download the report.
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Thanks! Two great suggestions indeed. I’ve already added them to my to-do list. Expect to see them implemented in the next couple of weeks :wink:

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Great Tool! Thanks, will test further and report back.

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Yeah, this is very nice. Great tool

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Many many thanks for that !
Amazing !

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Amazing, thank you!

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Awesome tool! Thanks! I love the layout and how you show top hashtags of the user.

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Thanks! You can click on any of those hashtags and go on to discover new related hashtags and so on… I get lost in that flow a lot lately :laughing:

Awesome tool! Thanks for sharing. I like many wishes others wrote down here. I think the collection could have more details like amount of new followers /day /month… but I guess this is coming with the “history”… good job go on!!

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Great stuff, thank you for sharing :pray:

Thanks so much for this tool, super helpful.

Just wondering, the top hashtags is this the ones they use the most or the ones that perform best for them?

I noticed each hashtag has a percentage is this calculated by the posts they use these hashtags on and the engagement these posts receieved? Or is just a percentage of posts they use that hashtag on?

Incredibly detailed, helpful, and fast.

I have a question though, how do you extract the language? I ran this on my own profile and it said English and French, although I have nothing in french in my bio/profile.

Another idea you could do down the line is add a “fake follower” scanner, i’m sure your girlfriend will use this too, as it would tell us if the person were working with bought fake followers. This can be done in JARVEE but it takes a while to extract all the details, so i’m not sure how your going to implement it into the website, but seeing you built this I have no doubts. You could set it up so that this tool analyses the accounts follower ratio (followers/following), and if the ratio is below 0.1 it’s either a fake account, or a very lonely person. You could also set it up to process in the background and send an email when it’s ready!
Keep it up!