Yo dawg ... I heard you wanna make money


What else is there to do besides bitcoin mining where china alone spoiled the market?



Welp, I definitely made the wrong career decisions. China, here I come… well, the lower half of my body anyway.


100k a month. MAN.

Just throwing out rough figure, thats maybe just 0.1% of the Chinese population watching a stream. LOL.

//the girls are not as pretty as you think they are, with probably 10 layers of makeup on before the cam turns on. :joy:


Crotch shots don’t need faces attached :joy:


Time to learn Chinese and start hiring models :joy:


I am going to invest in Metal Detectors…


I heard there are still billions uncovered in amazon - so yea buying metal detectors is not bad :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


china is fucked in the head more then anyone in this planet earth :smiley:
i still do think investing in btc is something good. Last year i deposited arround 20$ to bitcoin. It was not an investment ofc but now it’s 41$ so 50% lol



PPPPffttt… @ian doing anything manually is for the birds. You need two of these: