'You are all caught up' New Feature

With the “time well spent” movement that all tech seems to be joining, apparentely Instagram will be releasing this new feature soon.

Instagram will let you know when you are “all caught up” with your feed and give you a warning if you spent too much time.

This refers about all the images and videos in your feed posted in the previous 48 hours.

I wonder what that means for marketers and if real restrictions on time spent on the app are going to be imposed in the long run. :thinking: What do you guys think?


That will most likely depend how many followings your audience has on average. The more followings your audience has on average the more troublesome such a feature will be to your exposure, if we assume that people also do interact with posts once they are pass a certain browsing time.

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Thank you for the answer @HenryCooper ! What you said made total sense.

Like you said, I don’t think people interact with posts after a certain amount of browsing time anyways (I’m not talking from any data-driven knowledge, only from own experience), so it shouldn’t matter that much.


For my personal use I think this is a great idea as I know I spend way too much time on the platform.

I’m also thinking about how the feature may impact automation on the platform. As if you have to respond to a pop up to keep browsing that would have to be addressed.

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It is very useful personally, for sure!

The feature just appears on the top of your feed when you go in the platform, I believe.