You Can't Use This Feature Right Now - Locked Out Fb Account

I have this fb account of mine which is locked by fb from Oct 2018.

I’ve tried logging in from different devices, browsers, locations, ips still no luck.

I’ve talked to fb Live chat but still not helpful.

Does anyone know it’s solution?


Had a similar issue in october, but I managed to solve it submitting a request through a different portal givent to organsiations. Not sure what was up in October by their algorithm screwed over a lot of pages.

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what was that portal?

You probably won’t have access to it. It’s hard to obtain, only media organisations have it.

I’ve been having this issue for about a week. I had hoped time would let me back in. Did you find a solution?

Hi, Did you find a solution? Could you solve the problem?

Hello why I can’t add friend in facebook

what they said


Your account is blocked for taking actions soo fast.

It will go away after 3 or 7 days i guess.

Same for me how long did it take til it went away for u?

Same here. I cannot post even in my own group and I received the same message. How long it lasts? Today it is the 7th day that I can"t post.

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I suggest slowing down significantly as Facebook tends to become increasingly persistent with these messages. If you don’t slow down then it can last for longer periods of time. I know people who have been blocked for months at a time because they ignored initial warnings!

My issue was fixed after a week, 7 days. It was my 1st jail on FB, but lasted for seven days.


Try to avoid recurring warnings or they will increase in time.

Happens to me today.
But I can login with no problem on my mobile phone’s browser and app.
Still no solution… FB is getting weirder every year.

Why? Me to I can’t add friend😕

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Wait a couple of days and then try again. Probably some sort of action block.

Most likely you have added too many friends today, so FB has blocked you from sending more requests. Try to add new friends again tomorrow and see if it works.

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It seems you’re blocked from commenting. Do you include a website url in your comment?

Try to log out of the account, then relogin, if that doesn’t solve the issue, stop commenting for 24-48 hours, then try again.

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me too how to solve this problem & plaease tell me​:sob::sob::pray::pray: