"you need to use your real name" facebook error

ok so im trying to create a new fb acc and this sht pops up “You need to use your real name” and it does not allow me to proceed ? What should i do . Email Name.LastnameNumbers@gmail.com , and i do use exact same name on gmail and fb , da fuq ;( ?

Yeah, but what name are you using? They want you to say that your name is “Bob Smith”, not “Marketing Genius”.

Go here if you need to generate a legit name:

i was not using so much of a fake name , it was Jayson Trueman at first , i dunno what was that , it was popping up with any name i put in no matter what it was. I occured another problem now , the method i wanted to use , is when you create bunch of accounts on 1 gmail , but it didint work , so i guess i have to create bunch of fake gmails , well fuck , atleast i know a way to create them fast.