You’re Not Old Enough To Use IG

Has anyone ever experienced an account getting disabled because the user isn’t old enough? My client just got this message (the mom manages the account of her daughter).

When she goes to appeal, she puts in the IG URL and it says invalid. So there’s really no way to appeal.

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If you try to create the account again with the same username, are you able to? You may just need to create a new username if it doesn’t let you and fabricate the age to meet the guidelines.

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You should contact them. It is must be an error.

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I know IG is always thought to contact though…

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How I fix my instagram account if the ig URL are valid

How do you contact IG ?

This form would be the correct way for this case
@Abc_DEF if your account is visible on the Web/App it’s not fully deactivated yet - what message do you receive during login?

That I need to send my valid id, but I already send it then no any refly with that

try to create new account with enough years old :wink:

It can take multiple days or even weeks for a reply - if they have nor rejected it, just wait for their answer :slight_smile:

i still can get my instagram? i already do the instruction but still no respond

Boy need some milk to use Instagram this days