"Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked", but im not receiving any code on correct phone number?

(Sorry my English isn’t that good)

I woke up yesterday and I saw that my account is temporarily blocked and I need to prove that this account is mine by typing the digital code they sent on my phone number. The problem is that I am not receiving any digital code since then (43 hours already), and I’m trying many times but I’m not getting anything. Now I tried to create another account, and I need to confirm registration by phone number, I typed my phone number, and still, I’m not receiving anything! Can Instagram block my phone number from receiving SMS codes? And another question, will the account be automatically unblocked someday? Or I lost my account till it starts working? I want to add that my phone number is 100% correct, I can even login by this phone number to this account but it says that it’s locked. Also, connected to Facebook! I have completely no idea what to do, I searched about it on the internet but many people have digital code sent by e-mail? Why do I have only a phone number option?

EDIT: Its my second time getting locked on this account, but previously i could normally just get the code in 5 seconds and use it again

Of course, they can block your phone number especially if you have used it many times for account verifications or creation. if that account is related to a Facebook account try to add an email to your FB account and check if IG will give you the option to verify using email and see how it goes.