Your experience with post time on TikTok

I was curious to know what time you guys usually post on TikTok.
I’ve been quite confused about what time I should post to grow a US audience so I have been trying to post the same video twice, once at 4pm and once at 8 am (Pacific Daylight Time). Not that simple with having huge different time zones.
In Japan I post at 6pm as my audience is the most active between 3 and 9pm.

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You should look at your follower activity stats. I normally post between 5pm and 7pm (Thai time). According to my stats, 11pm is the most active time, but that’s just 1 hour of activity and then people go to sleep. So it’s better to post in the afternoon. I wouldn’t post in the morning, as people only use the app for an hour before work/school. Keep in mind that many people are now back to their normal lives.

Choose weekend to upload TikTok video. I upload on saturday in morning between 8 am to 10 am. This will bring your video to your targeted audience and increases your chances of getting good traffic.

Have to look at your stats and then guess and check. Sometimes I have huge videos during my audience’s “quiet time”. Experimentation is key.

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The best way to know is to test, you should always read your audience and study them, best posting times differ between accounts.

Here’s my stats if it helps:Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 12.47.38 PM

Thanks everyone for the feedbacks.
I was starting at zero followers so I couldn’t check my audience active hours, but I gained 500 followers since my first post so I’ll check as soon as the numbers are available!

sounds good, you can keep us updated, we might be helpful :blush:

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