Your experience with Snapchat/IG Story Ads


usually I’ve promoted my offers through slave Accounts but the conversion rate is really bad and it gets harder and harder to keep the settings high without risking a PV storm. So I decided to dive into Snapchat and IG-Story Ads, what is your opinion, are those worth it with CPA and what type of AD would you recommend? Videos, Pictures etc.

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How did you offered them trough your slaves? Did you made just a lot of accounts and offered the same products as mother there? And do you use shopify or what are you offering?

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Hey! Are you talking about the Paid Ads (Official Paid Ads), Influencers Ads or Your Own Account Story Ads?

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I offer a lot of different stuff, like Dating-Sites with Babe Accounts, typical “Get lots of Followers quick” with a few Accs or even high Ticket stuff like courses with my Bigger Accounts as Mother and slaves gathering People in that niche.

Story ads, I’m able to get a rate about 0,04-0,01ct per click. So I’d like to know what you guys think, how the conversion rate is etc.

What kind of story ads are these: IG is doing some sort of beta advertising program with you or other pages/brand contact you and pay you on the PPC basis?

Simply just Instagram Story Ads through Facebook Ad Manager.

Oh, Are you talking as you are paying the Instagram for the ads?

I thought, you are still talking about monetization :stuck_out_tongue:

No, complete different story bro :smiley:

Well, I can at-least say paying to Facebook for ads would cost you more as compared to paying to influencers.

Definitely depends on what you’re offering and what type of advertisement you choose.

For example, I did a case study with a clients account (female fashion/Travel niche), we filmed 3 short 15sec. ads sent it to a cutter and put a big fat call to action in it.

  • 5$ spent per day
  • 200.000 Impressions avg/day

Cost per click: 0,01ct

This Account grew 200-300 Followers a day and thats in my opinion a really good results but good looking females always do better :smiley:

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How many days did you run this ad for?

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Was this case study a story ad?
How long did you run it?

Once I thought too to use them for growing one HQ account big quick. I heard story ads do pretty well. And when you target the people right in the ads manager could get some good results.

Im asking myself, how would theme pages perform in this story ads? :thinking: For example travel, fitness, etc pages which just repost stuff. Never saw something like this, but could be really powerful in combination with automation, powerlikes, dm groups. With that you could grow an account from scratch to multiple 10k in few weeks.

So basically it still runs but not as a case study anymore.

We have it running since 3 months for now and its doing pretty good, in my opinion the cleanest way to build an account, nothing scammy or missleading.

I would say it totally depends on the ad but if you have a great video ad it should work even better and for theme pages you have a lot more opportunities to grow it.

But as always it’s just Trial and Error, so testing, testing, testing until you have the best possible results!