Your opinion - 4g vs dsl/cable?

Whats the best? or does it matter? 40 char limit and all…

What matters is what will you do through those connections/IPs

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20$ bill vs 120$ bill . Hard to choose :smiley:

4G is pretty freakin’ fast tbh :smiley:

I don’t really understand what is the main purpose of the question though.

I’m using 4g connection on mobiles for proxy and ISP through cable for internet.

@4GProxies May I ask how do you run many 4G connections?

Hey can you please explain more about the 4g connections on mobiles? do you do that through sim cards with 4g service? who is your provider? how much does it costs :slight_smile: ?

This really depends on your country. Sim cards with a local plan from Indonesia or India will not help you a lot. Best to check the providers in your own country.

Here a 4G plan with unlimited data is about 25 Euro. And you have to add to that the costs of a phone and other things you need.

Damn it’s sooo expensive :frowning:

If you use it for client accounts it can be ok. You can use it with more than 1 IG account. And costs are for the client.

@dimitri Well i just checked in 1 of my country cellular companies, they can give me 2 plans:

  1. Big plan: Give me 18GB 4G internet for 9$ per month? is this cheap/expensive?
  2. Small plan: Give me 5GB 4G internet for 6$ per month? is this cheap/expensive?

Androids mobiles with sim connected to PC using CCProxy for proxy server.
$8/month for 80gb plan. Different country, different plan.

If you’re using the Internet for a PC etc. this is not enough.

I use up 20 GB of data each month in the first two weeks on my phone. Websites are optimized for mobile so desktop will use up even more.

Get a flatrate mate :smiley:

Something like unlimited for 20$