Your proxies cannot do dm in IG. fix it. that's all

We have a client who wants us to fix the issue where “he cant send dm using our proxies.”
Really confused, what do I say to him?

Nothing is blocked on our network.

We don’t own IG to fix above issue.

This is something which we are responsible?

@HenryCooper @Verona - Seeking some help from industry leaders.

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Hi, I’m my opinion if the DM request (option) is not locked on your end. I’m almost sure it’s not - so, the reason is not the proxies.
It must be accounts actually.
Meanwhile, u may run a simple test - take a new account, attach it to this specific proxy and then try to send DM - instantly u will get an answer

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Happened to a few clients of mine and @SuperSuppe too. Guess it’s a little bug on JV end (?)

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Refunded him
it’s hard to explain who don’t like reading forums or follow trends.:sweat:

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Anybody has an idea though why This happens? I can send DMs no matter what proxy even with Fresh accounts. And this is my whole automation strategy.


Oh, how i understand u :wink:


It has been fixed in the latest update. @SatyAjit those clients are better to loose them early, they are just a pain in the butt to work with :wink:


What’s the error message?

I have already refunded him and moved on . lol.

His only concern was “refund” because our proxies can’t do dms on ig
And we have to fix it or refund.

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Refund what is that… :slightly_smiling_face:

Oops. I thought you are replying to my original post.

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I was. It’s a joke I never refund if I can help it…

Do you mean sending DMs to non-followers? M/C method or using main accounts?


M/c method but only sending to new followers

But how are you getting these followers if you are only using DM? Surely you’re following as well? Which points that your proxies are probably HQ? Is this on just a few accounts or on many?

That’s why I was asking because sending messages to followers is the easy part and my child accounts are banned as soon as I send a DM to non-followers…
The big question is to how do you F/U without the blocks?
BTW I’m using DC proxies…

Yes, I am getting the followers to child accounts by follow/unfollow. Then when they follow back, I send them a dm to direct them to my main account. Actions have been bad since the update in general though and nothing really works that well anymore