Your twitter links in bio strategy?

Hey guys and gals if you’re promoting same link in multiple accounts , what are some steps you take to avoid getting banned or restricted ? are you guys using any cloakers or pre-landers ? and how many accounts per link is ok ? thanks in advance

Does this work? Linking to a twitter? Is it deeplinked when you go from Twitter back to IG?

I currently use 250 accounts with the same link… i get some suspensions but i don’t think its because of the link

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have you tried setting up a cloaker or a pre lander page ? so when twitter cralwers go in they cant get past your pre lander page ? also are you pushing aff links or your own site?

im talking about from twitter bio hyoerlink to a website redirect

i use bitly atm, but the same bitly link on all profiles. adult content affiliate marketing

hmm interesting , and all 250 with the same link? do you also comment with the links ?

Nope, but I would just recommend you to get a pro account and generate a lot of them. Or set up your own url shorter:

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appreciate the help :slight_smile: ill give it a go and try it out , are link shorteners frowned upon in social media ?

You can make unlimited links to one link with a free account.

id rather pay to get the better features but is that what youre using for your accounts ?

No. I don’t do Twitter.

oh nice how many views are you getting on your accounts ? i used to have an account with 400k views per snap used to do dating/adult niche

I thought this was Ig section

no we were talking about twitter lol and now we are talking about snapchat

Exactly. I only commented to say you don’t need a premium to have multiple links to 1 url. The conversation then went elsewhere. But no, I dont do any Twitter marketing.

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