Youtube category suggestion


Hi, I’d like to suggest a YouTube category. It’s starting to become more and more like regular social media especially with the semi-new feed where you can follow people and see image posts and text posts on their feed.


I agree with that :+1:
IG, Face, YT, Snap, TikTok. I think all of those should have their specific category.


Yeah especialy then JV supports Tik Tok


Concur with this!


Definitely keen on YT.
I’d be able to help more then.


I totally agree with this suggestion. Youtube is a huge platform as well and would be awesome to have its section on this forum


I second that. One year ago most of my competition had traffic from facebook usually at 25%, instagram at 50% and the rest was affiliate marketing, direct search etc.
Now? Most of them, especially companies that I respect for successful growth have their traffic at 90% from youtube, that’s crazy! IG is like 1% in most cases.


Yease please :pray:t2: YouTube and video is trending massively for 2020


Why don’t we have this category in the forum?