YouTube Email Extraction

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any solutions on mass email extraction for YT? I have about 25K account URLs which I need the emails for, but I’m not finding any solutions with automation OR manual efforts.

  1. Automation - Bots are being detected by YouTube immediately and wont even allow google logins to the platform (must login to view email addresses on YouTube). I had a couple guys try different programs and they were blocked immediately.
  2. Manual - Even manual efforts aren’t working. Manual viewing of accounts emails are being limited to 9 email views, until they get blocked. After 9, that same user is unable to view any other emails. This would be a problem with the automation method also, even if we get passed login authentication, it will then become blocked at the userid level.

Other than using rotating proxies, rotating accounts logins and captcha solvers (I doubt a program like this exists), I simple can’t think of any other options.

Has anyone on the forum had success with any tools or methods?


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You can do that with scrapebox, there are some tutorials on YT.

Thanks for the suggestion. I reached out to Scrapebox and they mentioned that their program can’t do this…

Hey there. Did you find a solution to this?