Youtube engagemnt group, just like how snapchat engagemnt groups work $$$$$$$$$$

Yea I think this could work amazing.

JV have the Tool “Watch Video” & “Like” I dont use this tool because it dont helps me to grow my channel.

But in an engagement group where everyone trust the other one we can set up the Channels and watch all time our videos.

We also can like it and comment it for minimum 1 time.

A group with just 100 different people, account, ip would be amazing and helps a lot. And if this group reach 1000 the push a new video instantly as relevant and will reach top places and will recommend by YouTube if you are recommended by YouTube you already win the game.

Im in the niche Travel Video

can you give more info

Engagement groups managed in the way you’re outlining are probably more work then the process needs to be.

You might be better off paying micro workers using platforms like microworkers, rapidworkers, picoworkers, etc.

You can setup a YouTube job, pay each worker to do a series of tasks. For example: open new window, go to youtube, search ‘keyword’, find and click ‘x’ video, watch all the way through, like, leave relevant comment, share on either Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, click to another page before closing window.

It can be expensive but highly effective as part of a broader YouTube SEO strategy.

These platforms give you a lot of control over how each set of actions is done and as it’s mostly real accounts without vpn’s or proxies, you don’t have issues with accounts getting banned, activity flagged, etc. as you would with managing your own bot network and it’s easier to setup and control campaigns over engagement groups.

This is true now more then ever. Several years ago you could rank just by boosting metrics with cheap services but now, boosting is more expensive but also, your video actually has to perform better then your competitors videos with the organic traffic to maintain the search rankings.

These kinds of SEO tricks can boost your exposure in the right places but the ranking algorithms are crunching data in real time. You still need to yeild better user behaviour signals then the videos that rank below you otherwise your rankings are toast. I’m talking about the standard ranking factors such as click through rate, watch time per impression, certain engagements, etc.

Controlling your success with rankings isn’t as simple as it used to be :upside_down_face:


Yes i would like to do that

how you do it ? can you help us and share the method , thanks.