Youtube engagemnt group, just like how snapchat engagemnt groups work $$$$$$$$$$

i was wondering if anyone has created or would like to create youtube engagement groups just like snapchat engagement groups… can you imagine the power of this if because we all know how hard it is to rank on the front page of youtube but if we do it right then it will be huge. I remember back in the day when people would spam and text thousands of people youtube videos to random cell phone numbers and because people would watch the first couple seconds of it and it counted as a view but then the ftc and fcc made the laws on texting people with you having to be opted into first or other wise you could face big penalties and fines, and now ive seen youtube has changed how they rank videos by seeing how long the videos are watched and how many subscribers that person has and how many likes and comments they have , but if we could do this we could get so many businesses on board and even sell this service to anyone because its worth so much $$$$… so I am going to create a telegram group and contact several people to jump start this… whos in


Hey man great idea and YouTube is a huge medium for me… I’m definitely in. I’ve followed Holly Starks, Tony Hayes especially with CTR testing and tools they do… One avenue I’m going to be testing is CTR thru Yahoo and Bing search etc… Also using residential proxies etc…

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How do Snapchat Engagement Groups work?
I mean … for Views? and how does that even effect your organic reach?
Interested because you mentioned it

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Snapchat is different and you would need to get followers and I have a very tricky way to do that … there’s no purpose for a Snapchat engagement group

Hey I made a focus group on reddit for this last week, I have found a secret method that doesn’t take any effort and is automated its so simple I almost jumped when I reaslised how easy it was to build up watch time. Then I tried it and it works wonders.


Elaborate please.

From my Experience:
I uploaded a Video once and started watching it till the end with about 50 Proxies.
Some of the Accounts were logged on and some were not.
I reached the First Page of a high traffic keyword!
But the thing is: It dropped because people who actually saw the Video did not watch that long.
It has to be a combination of Videos that people actually want to watch for a while, a converting thumbnail and high watch time views at the start.

hi there. im interested. I just started a Youtube channel and need to boost it. Do you think it will work also if we are not all from the same niche?

I would really like to know how you can set up 50 proxies :slight_smile: where did you get them from? were they reliable?

and you did that with a bot or what ?

so each proxy counted as a different view for your youtube videos?? if this is so then we have to invest into hundreds of thousands of these hahahahahahahaha

I mean there are plenty of places where you can get them

You could watch the Video more then 10 times with each proxy and all counted as individual views.
some were logged in some were not.
with mobile Proxies it should be 100 times easier. You can rotate them a lot. Never tried it tho.

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im very unknowledgeable in this, would you be able to show me this process by chance?? and another question is how can you have 1 proxy get 10 different views?? is there a way you can get 100 different views or even more from 1 proxy?? I would really love to know this because can you imagine if you sold someone 10,000 views on youtube and it put there video on the fron page of the specific keyword they were using, people would pay big for this

Would love to join on this too. Let me know the details.

Also, I’ve seen what has been said about the proxy method, however this would require 50 proxies and 50 accounts. Lets remember that also commenting would need to be done to really give a good look for the channel being built.

Any other strategies would be interesting though and I’ve often thought about a YouTube engagement group.

One method (I did manually) that seemed to work for views, was looking for channels with relevant keywords launched within the last day/week/month and liking/commenting Instagram style (Good vid/content! etc…), which worked to get some views. Have not done on a mass scale as yet, just with one account.

can you share your method about snapchat?

Have you started this group?

id be interested in joining such a group!

where send me the link?

where did you get the proxies?

Please do Share