Youtube Introduces Messaging - The birth of easier Youtube influencer marketing?

Hey guys,

So Youtube just introduced messaging, you can find it in the top right when you go onto you need to be signed into a google+ account.

I was wondering does this mean simpler Influencer Marketing through Youtube? Instead of having to find channel’s email addresses and communicate via external sources you can now do it internally inside the platform through the messaging feature.

What Is Your Opinion ?


Wow new tool needed!!


yes this will make youtube marketing easier kind of like the old days when Tube tool box was a thing since they brought it back you can expect people to spam as well I wonder what the limits are and if possible if this what you plan to do you should jump on it while it’s still new


Sure! That’s great and can make our life easier =), another feature to explore and maximize your marketing

Has anyone used YouTube messaging, or heard about it and limits?

nope it seems nobody cares for it

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Thats a nice question!

Its depende of WHO you are trying to talk to, but it get easier to conect some channels, mainly the small ones, so you can take something good from it :smiley:

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I see you have peaked my interest do go on lol

I have another tool which I somewhat accidentally paid for a full license for. It has direct messaging offered which is one benefit. Perhaps I should try it out. I’m not sure what the tasteful ways of going about it are though. My method is to promote main account using child accounts (just real people names), but also as anonymous as possible (i.e. they are just human fans is the idea). What would others do?


I used this method years ago with messaging as well (Before Youtube Removed it) it worked really well if nothing has changed it should work for you as well hope all goes well for you

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Got any tips on what you used it for (especially for driving traffic to main account’s videos) and what sort of targeting and messages worked well?

Pre like 2013-2014, we had messaging. I use to use a bot to send mass messages out asking people to subscribe. It got me to like 3k subs with little to no work.

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that’s actually mad haha

It will be hard to maintain the accounts alive if you are spam messaging a lot of channels. But this is good to contact influencers and ask for pricing for shoutouts