Youtube is full of sh**

I want to share this video with you to underline how much BS and missinformation you can find in the internet. The internet is a beautiful thing where you can find a lot of helpful information when you know how to search for it properly. The downside of it is that since everyone can publish something it can results also in a lot of false or incorrect information.

This guy made some good points, for example finding the best performing posts and reposting or even better recreating the style of them. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t grew the account to 1,8 Mio. followers organically. Check his account on or look at the engagement of its recent posts. One post couldn’t even reach 1k likes. At the point where he called a giveaway a viral post and that it would increase the engagement, I stopped watching it.

I’m not posting this to say whats right and whats wrong, thats just my personal opinion. I’m excited to hear yours.


Thats true, on youtube there is a lot of fake info about IG and growing accounts :triumph:


People who really know themselves on instagramie :slight_smile: You will never know them, and you will not see any training :slight_smile: They have their earnings from customers and do not want to pass their valuable knowledge :slight_smile: I do not need publicity :slight_smile: It is important that their methods work on their clients and they have a lot of earnings :slight_smile:


Yes, thats true :+1:

Wouldn’t call that 100% true - not everyone’s only goal in business is monetary, it might be to help other people too - and also, it does bring in a new revenue stream, which is mostly passive - and almost nobody will take any action anyway. Most people just buy courses and never do shit - successful people know that and will be happy to help the few people out that will actually do something, cause these are the ones that would have been winners anyway.
Talked to someone who I know for a fact has been very successful before creating a coaching side business, and that was his take on it, and I really respect his opinion. So I wouldn’t call bs on 100% of gurus, however, 99% of them are full of shit that’s true


Youtube is mostly about clickbait and viral videos, thats why you get these huge numbers in the thumbnails which are nowhere near realistic or achievable for an average Joe.

The way they do it is they provide the information in very small portions such as 2-3 decent advice per video(some of them you can often find on the internet). Just enough to make you click the like button and feel you were provided with genuine value. That’s how sleazy they are.

95% of the IG advice on youtube is not worth watching and you will learn much more even by doing some testing of your own or reading forums.


Sure, I agree with you, but you know that you will count on such people for the fingertips of one hand :frowning:

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I’m not even going to attempt watching that video. These guys are stereotypical fake it till you make it types

He is not making money on IG, the only thing what matters for him are the views on YT.

TRUE. There are plenty of experts on youtube who have stopped developing at all. Their knowledge may have been valuable, but a few years ago, and now they want to make money on people who are just beginning their journey with Instagram and have no knowledge.

another example is Paul

Can’t be truer than this, I remember when I was starting out on e-commerce, I used to watch any video popping out on my recommendations,people use to give out conflicting informations and because of this, I could not settle on one working strategy, I ended up losing a lot of money on ads since my strategy was more like a cocktail of all the sh*tty ideas I found on YouTube.
I learned that you should find someone with the results and expertise you want and follow what they teach you to the letter. But learning from anyone and everyone is such a waste of time.


Sad but true, there are not many honest people on youtube. Most of the times they just say generic things that don’t really help much, or not as much as you would want to grow

@roy Wow. This one is actually full of shitty fake ! Amazing how he tries to turn it out real.


I have found some that have some idea but yet they don’t grasp the concepts fully and are actually making a disservice to our industry since they’re airing techniques for casuals to waste or give notoriety (which is never good)

Typically my rule of thumb is to stay away from popular videos in that yeah they may have 100’s of thousands of views BUT 99.9% of the time its info you already know and even if it is helpful think about it now 100s of thousands of people know that “unique tip” and it no longer possess the same value.

He grew his account legit- but he started it back in 1912 (lol). Seriously though- he’s had his account and has been posting multiple times each day since Instagram first started. In other words, he beat everyone to the party.

Nathan’s course did give me good information when I went through it last year (it was where I was introduced to the M/S tactic/idea personally) but I find whenever people start creating YouTube videos they start taking on qualities of an Instagram “guru” which is unfortunate.

There is definitely a lot of sifting through crap to get the gold nuggets. They are out there, just harder to find…

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I never knew there’s a way to audit your IG account. I audited my account and I had 79% real followers, wondering how 21% are fake since I had never bought followers before. Anyways, now I will be auditing lot’s of profiles. I’m glad I saw this post. *wink