Youtube Likes Getting Deleted

i’ve set up a few youtube accounts to watch / comment / like - the comments are sticking but the likes get deleted (some immediately, in under 10 minutes - others in 12-24 hrs)

anyone else encountered this? i tested using both aged and new accounts - still the same. proxies are good (4g / residential), even tried 2 accounts without a proxy (with my home ip).

all likes get deleted (the like button is pressed in each account - but the like is not counted).

any help / suggestions are more than welcome.

Did you create those accounts yourself or buy them? maybe the accounts are not warmed up enough before you do those actions. You should check the published comment using another account to see if it’s really there and not get ghosted.

the accounts are warmed up (not sure how much should i warm them up - or how exactly should i do it - let me know any specific details if there are any).
the comments are really there, not ghosted, not deleted.

it’s the likes that get removed / not counted.

Are you using different IP addresses for those accounts when actually giving likes?

Have you tried this on different videos or you just noticed this on some specific video? Have you tried to manually like this video from some real aged account, does this still happens?

i’m using different ips, all residentials / 4g. with my old personal accounts this does not happen, only with accounts that are new to youtube. i tried some old registered youtube accounts (registered in 2014-2015 but without any sort of viewing or posting activity) but i have the same issue.

also i have tried with some warmed up accounts (warmed up for 1-2 months) and the likes also don’t get counted.

now i’m not sure if i’m warming up the accounts properly (i set them to view videos and like 10% of the videos viewed).

Try with a new account, but run it from your home IP.

If the likes stick using it, then Youtube doesn’t like the proxies you are using for those accounts.

already tried it with my home ip and new account, the likes (and dislikes) get deleted as well. home ip and old account (my personal account) - likes don’t get deleted.

I assume that when you tried with the new account on your home IP, it was a new account? And not an account you tried on the proxy before and the likes got deleted for?

If it’s not a proxy issue, it’s a warmup, trust score issue.

When you are warming up, make sure you are watching random videos from different youtube channels and not just your own.

Same apply after the warming up period is done.

The likes need to come from unique devices. In other words, if you use the same device with two accounts to like a video… the like will not stick. If you were to like the video, then use another phone to like that same video, then go back to the original phone on a different account… the like will stick. It’s less confusing then it sounds, I would get a privacy browser and a rotating proxy and that should solve your problem.

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Thank you for your input. I assumed he’s already using a software like Jarvee for that.

If you used the accounts from the same device as @Klique said, you will have to change that.

You can use Jarvee Youtube Pro if you are using only Youtube accounts, you can set a unique browser for every Youtube account with a specific proxy for it as well.

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In the promo page for ‘Jarvee Youtube Pro’ it says you can send messages, how is this done?


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Yesterday I got a DM about the same feature, unfortunately, it’s not possible to send DMs anymore on Youtube, we will have to update that page and remove it as a feature.

After September 18, the ability to direct- message friends on YouTube itself will be removed. The change was first spotted by 9to5Google, which noted that YouTube Messages came to the web in May of last year. YouTube , in its announcement about the closure, doesn’t offer much insight into its decision.

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Understand I thought you had found some magic :slight_smile:

One thing I did notice on the ‘Jarvee Youtube Pro’ is the follow, like, watch and comment are separate, would the return in subscriptions not be better if you could comment on someone you have just followed (subscribed to)?