Youtube remove my comment

How I can leave a comment on youtube videos without yt deleting. i see people spam comment on yt without there a way to write comment without been block

Are you using Jarvee? If so, you should use spin syntax in your comment text.

Can you ellaborate more about what was your comment?

1.Was there a link in your comment?
2.How frequently were you commenting?
3.Were you commenting manually or via a Bot?
4.Maybe the channel owner deleted your comment?

Please ellaborate with more details as it’s hard to say without knowing the whole thing.

If these are some obvious spam comments that you are referring to, probably these comments also got deleted after you saw them :slight_smile: Share some more details about your account/accounts, actions, tactics and we could give you some suggestions.

Don’t use always the same comment text, that’s also something very important.