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I am writing to inform you that my name is Mohd Aamir. I am here to help everyone. I will help everyone with YouTube Tips & Tricks.

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What growth tips & tricks would you recommend for someone that makes songs for YouTube? Good audio production, decent music videos, good lyrics (relatable and about serious things) but my client lives in a 3rd world country. Songs are in their native language (for now), but he asks me about growth advice and I don’t know YouTube at all. What would you do if you were in his shoes?


I’ve made my own music on the channel, originally composed and played on piano music made just for relaxation, and got like 100 views at most when the same videos with almost the same content are hitting sky limits with views.

Any advice?

Which type of growth he wants. It depends on their niche. They have found everything on the youtube portal.

Hello Brother, As I can understand that You are working Music Channel which is mainly used for relaxation.
It is a very nice niche in which you are working. Why it is a nice niche?
Nowadays, Everyone wants to relax in their life because of Work Pressure and all. In the future, you can promote Affiliate Marketing.

Once your channel got monetized later that you will start earning. Affiliate Marketing will be the second part of income.

Do you need more information about it?

Which software and tools are you using for SEO?

nice to meet you Mohd, and thanks for your help and tips, if you can make a good article explaining different stuff about youtube growth in 2021 it will be very helpful for everyone you can choose whatever you think it’s important and share it with us whether it’s growth methods, beginner mistakes…etc, thank you.

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Sure, I will be sharing right away.

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Looking forward to reading your good article, mate Mohd. :grinning:

I want to ask if a youtube channel can be automatized with jarvee and also does SMM pannel work to get more visibility?

From my experience, SMM panels are not a good idea for YouTube, algorithm seems very sensitive to audience changes and buying engagement will kill you base audience.

But I did use Jarvee to grow on my youtube channel, not spammy, just commenting on other similar channels in a nice way, worked pretty good.

Any tips for a family vlog?How can I get the algo to work for me to get me recommended on similar content?
Thank you

This is interesting, what’s the steps to do it, I’m new in jarvee