Youtube Video Montage Creation

Is it safe to create videos using other videos as montage ?
Of course the original creator will be credited in description.
Some of the videos as truncated from videos that are 10 minutes to 1 minute footage use.

Want to know your opinion, as there are publishers that do this, such as UNILAD or BUZZFEED.


You should be fine . I recommend doing effects / letters on the video…Its still a risk you never know if original creator finds your video and files a claim.

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I will also include that there are copyright claims the video will be removed.
So if any of the videos in the montage will have one copyright claims the video will be removed and re-edited

Video example

but instead of on 1 location there will be 10 or in-depth presentation using many video sources

It really depends on who you take the video from.

If you take anything that is by a big corporation, they’ll take it down pretty fast as they have people that scour the internet just for that.

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yeah just do it. I have been stealing videos for 1 year its the music I used that got my channel banned after the person of the music found my videos. Hit me with 3 quick strikes smh.

I have taken videos from vevo. Just use effects and text.

Wait! are we talking about putting videos on Youtube or taking them from youtube?

The videos I use are from 50 view to 1000 views max and they are from regular people that just upload the footages, with not adverstising intended.

Using them on youtube( some ) and taking them from youtube and using them on other social media platforms

Just as the video example above, the video had 10 minutes and I used less than 60 seconds.The music is bought stock music and the template is mine

Youtube have an extremely good algo for this that you have to work really hard to go around. If you are taking them FROM youtube for other media, that is a whole different game, much easier.

End of the day, it is a question of what you are building. A quick buck, go for it. A brand, or something long-term, avoid copyrighted stuff at all cost. You’ll lose the channel sooner or later.

One thing to keep in mind: on IG giving credit pretty much washes your hands, on YT, giving credit means close to 0. Totally different animals in terms of attribution.

Then the conclusion is to better stick to using them on other social media platforms.

But even with the algo, the videos were colorized, timeframe edited, and other modifications regarding the speed, transitions,etc

You can always distort them beyond recognition and avoid the Content ID, but the end product will be not as good.

They keep on updating their stuff daily so one thing that worked today might get your channel banned tomorrow.

I’ve been doing YT for 5 years now (whitehat) so if you wanna take this discussion to PM, shoot me a message if you have any questions.


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