Zennoposter vs Ubot vs Winautomation vs Uipath

Try Python with Selenium https://www.selenium.dev/ and Google Chrome. Selenium is like a bridge between Python and Chrome. You can automate browser actions with it.

Maybe learning a real language sounds scary. But compared to the other options it is not.

I bought Zennoposter. After years of development it is still full with bugs, there is almost no documentation except for some old videos on youtube and it is really not more easy to learn than the basics of Python. And I remember the other options were expensive.

Python and Selenium will also look good on your resume. If you master both you will have no difficulty finding a job.

I have a client with hundreds of IG accounts. He wants to answer DM’s, but does not want to check hundreds of accounts every hour because often there is nothing. I made a RDP login for him on a Windows server. I made hundreds of independent Chrome instances, 1 for each IG account. He can click on one of the hundreds of icons to read the DM’s for that account. With Python and Selenium I made a script that checks all IG accounts every hour for unread DM’s. If there is something the script sends an email to the client so he knows where to look.

@HenryCooper Selenium uses css selectors. But there is a free Chrome plugin Ranorex Selocity https://www.ranorex.com/selocity/browser-extension/ that makes it easy to work with them.

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So what is your opinion about those other RPA Tools that automates desktop as well as browser together like uipath,katalon studio etc and many more?

yes I will definately start learning advanced python,just know basics of it as of now.

No experience with other solutions. But if you look at the website of uipath you will see that this is not a simple program, it will take a lot of time to learn all options.
The same with Zennoposter. Before you buy it they try to convince you that it is so easy to use. But it is really difficult. It took me days before I was able to do some simple things.

The time you spend learning is an investment in only this software that can only do 1 thing.

If you choose Python and Selenium 95% of what you have to learn is Python, and maybe only 5% Selenium. The time you spend learning Python is a much better investment I think. Python can be used for many different things.


Yes,thanks for your guidance.I was very much interested in Uipath and it’s functionalities and workability is excellent as far as I tested it.

Ofcourseit is not easy to learn and will take time but I will surely learn this RPA Tool and Python but one at a time.

Appreciate your guidance,Thankyou so much.

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I really prefer to use lxml and requests for simple scraping jobs. It’s just more reliable in my opinion.

For trickier sites nodejs with puppeteer.

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