Zuckerberg testifies before Congress

What do you think about the Zuckberg, the Congress and the senators which is currently live.

The questions are, in my opinion, jokes. They want to force him to support laws which are not feasible.
I’m curious how this affects Instagram and Facebook.

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This quote summarizes it pretty well:

The bigger problem to me, is that everyone is turning this into politics, when it’s about user privacy. For instance, Ted Cruz went on a “biased liberal censorship” tirade, which is almost completely unfounded as the whole reason this came up is when a company (that he’s affiliated with btw) misused/mishandled the data for their own political campaigns, which weren’t remotely liberal and were not censored. If anything, they were highly successful - and conducted illegally at that.

Anyway, I think he’s just mad… but that entire perspective is driving the discussion right now, which is totally off base.

If this is how it ends up going, our society is fucking doomed.


That twitter thread is pretty awesome tho.

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If you want to get into political trollfights, sure :face_vomiting:

There are some seriously deranged people on both sides of the political spectrum, makes me ashamed to be American.

But also yeah, there’s some comedy gold in there.

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This is my specialty. Hold my beer. On second thought, I’m going in dry.


I just want to make sure that…
facebook is committed to…
That was some good entertainment. :smiley:

It’s basically bullshit and a waste of time.

Facebook wasn’t even a willing part of Cambridge Analytica and whatever it is that they did. Their only fault was probably not enforcing tighter checks and scrutiny on developers (maybe).

Facebook has done some pretty ghastly shit before, and no one has seemed to mind. They literally gave researchers access to ~700,000 accounts with full control over what posts these people will see, just to see if they can be emotionally manipulated. Guess what? They totally could. They even went on to publish a paper about it here:


Facebook has done plenty of psychographic experiments on teenagers, going as far as offering advertisers in Australia the opportunity to target “insecure” and “anxious” kids.

People are sheep, raising a ruckus over non-issues, and being completely in the dark about any real danger.


Exactly. I mean for me, who cares about Cambridge Analytica? What they did is a minuscule fraction of the inexusable BS that is Facebooks regular day to day Modus Operandi.

Ted Cruz. Hate the guy, seems not to be playing with a full deck, like most up in there, but Facebook is a juggernaut of biased liberal censorship and social engineering. I was pleasantly surprised that someone even noticed and brought it up however tepidly. I don’t even care that its Liberal bias, point is it is an unaccountable major actor molding public discourse and impressions. This deserves an inquest on its own. There is a reason it is banned in powerful countries that don’t want to be infiltrated and their citizens manipulated by the USA.

Good old FB is much more powerful than my own goverment in terms of disseminating info and controlling narratives here. They also have orders of magnitudes more data on citizens than our own secret services could dream of (applies to any European country, and most of the world really) and has already been used as tool by the US to ferment IRL revolutions and will give up all and any data to the US security services upon request.

The Chinese know what they are doing. I love making money in IM but no sane goverment outside the USA should allow Facebook to operate in their country. This will probably an unpopular opinion on this forum, but I hope that in the future more will countries will wise up, Facebook is like asbestos, people are not aware yet of the poison within. And that’s not even talking about the effect it has on peoples psychology and mental well being.

it’s about user privacy.

I don’t think it’s about user privacy at all, Facebook has been a privacy holocaust from day one, and had already closed the hole that was used by third party apps like the one in this case. No one cares. My view is that its about that MAYBE Trump benefited from something that happened with all that data, and the media smelled a story that will generate ad revenue knowing how rabid people are about Trump. People cant understand privacy issues, they can understand Trump and their hatred for him, so now we have this whole theater playing out.


Same thoughts. As a goverment you can’t allow to let something that big control half of the country.
But as @lazerlight said:


Thanks for weighing in, feels good to know that one is not alone in having this view, which is not given much merit and coverage in the press. It can feel lonely out there in the wilderness of unpopular opinions :grin:

I am somewhat resigned to the ways of the world of course, it is what it is.

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This is what happens when you ban my personal account. You get interrogated by Congress!