1 banned account and 3 disabled. Need help!

HI guys,

I had one of my major 356k followers account BANNED due to copyright strikes. Unluckily i received around 140 videos removed from that IG page since the owner reported it to IG as their property. Although i was giving credit and what not, but still they werent happy and got my videos removed. As soon as the videos got removed, my account got banned and i received an email from IG saying that they have banned my account and i wont be able to get it back! :frowning:

I gave up on the first account, but after reading few posts here’ i feel that it is not entirely impossible to get it back. Please assist me on this people.

Last week, i had 4 of my accounts got disabled. Whenever i try to click on the appeal link, it asks me to fill in my details. But when i click submit, i do not receive any email on any of the accounts… I am not new to IG, but this is something new :confused:

Is there a way to get these accounts back?

I was botting them using lte proxies and jarvee. No follow unfollow. Just pure reposting.

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How many appeals did you submit? If you request too many, you will temporary lock the account for appealing.

You should wait a few days before doing anything with them again.

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well, the very first appeal that i had done was about 5 days ago. and even then i didnt receive any confirmation email from IG :frowning:
Aight, i will wait.

Question though. do you reckon i would be able to get the IG account back that was banned due to copyright violations?

There is always a chance, how how that is reapply depends on the FB agent that takes care of your appeal and whatever internal data they use to make up the decision. Sorry that I don’t have a definitive answer on that. With important account, persistence is key for Unbans

What Email provider are you using for the Appeals?

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gmail bro. Do you reckon i should buy a FQDN and then create a xyz@domain.com and then email them with it?

coz my thought was just to use the same email that i have linked to that banned account and use that to file for appeal.

realistically how long should i wait before i blast them with another appeal? coz i just filed for an appeal this morning and already received an appeal case for the account that was banned.

No an own domain is not needed, neither is the linked EMail address needed

Did you check https://mpsocial.com/t/how-to-unban-your-instagram-account-correctly/40495

Not receiving any email is never a good sign s the code is always sent no matter what (except if the Account is in a ‘locked’ state)

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Dont have access to taht topic mate.

I don’t have access either, must be for higher levels only then.

Don’t see why a link on how to unban your instagram account correctly wouldn’t be available to all of us

not that i need access to it, just saying

140 videos deleted? damn son thats some next level content theft.


The same guide is available on Successified:

lol. do you reckon any chance of having such an account with that many videos removed due to copyright. and then eventually being banned. TO GET RESTORED? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey does your recap services website still work? let me know asap i’m very interested

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@cavity Hey dude, yes it does.

Been running 11 accounts there for over 2 weeks now. None recovered yet. How long does it take

Hello @dondemex Your account will eventually get unbanned so I do recommend waiting as the process time varies from reason of ban, when it was banned etc. Plus the service has only been running for 2 months so I do recommend just waiting and you will hopefully get good results.

Good luck!

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Up to IG really - 2 days, 3 weeks, 4 months or never are all equal possibilities.

Unbans after 30 days are not uncommon so try to calculate in that dimensions to estimate if your accounts(s) are worth it. You can always go manual if you value money over your own time.

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