🛠 How to unban your Instagram Account correctly

Big thanks to @MojoJojo for helping on this topic! :raised_hands:t2:

Unbanning on Instagram 101

This topic :face_vomiting: . Endless responses on dozens of forums and every day more people pop up that ask the same question over and over :cry:

"Help Help I am banned . Lost all my revenue" - Boy who fucked up big time 2017

"Fuck you I want my account back" - every Spammer 2017

"You fucking bitch" - every Spammer 2017

Lets get some structure into this huge ass topic .

1) Get started

  • Get on your Desktop Computer (Yes , that is correct . Fuck your Smartphone) .
  • Turn off any privacy plugin , Proxies and VPNs . Use your residential home IP .
  • If you use your own E-Mail Domain make sure your SPF Records are correct .
  • Set your accepted-language configuration in your browser to “en-us” . (ask below if you have issues with that)
  • Plenty liters of pure Vodka .

2) Myths about unbanning

  • No one can magically unban you , most people who have those powers (high value ad agencies) , most likely wont bother with . Don’t get scammed .
  • Your IP or browser fingerprint won’t be blocked for sending unban requests , even if you send in 1000 daily ( yes I did that ) .
  • If you got banned , you violated the TOS . Deal with it . Don’t be that “I did not do anything”-Guy . Please :roll_eyes:
  • Sending in a picture of yourself multiple times wont be an issue . Keep making them .
  • You can send unban requests even from an E-Mail that differs from the E-Mail in the Instagram account .

3) The process

Pretty simple . Go to https://help.instagram.com/contact/1652567838289083 OR https://www.facebook.com/help/instagram/contact/1652567838289083 and fill out the form .:scream:

(1) You are a private person . Pick this always .
(2) This name does not matter . Pick whatever you want .
(3) You IG Username without the @
(4) Your beautiful E-Mail
(5) Always pick the almighty United States of America :raised_hands:t2:

Once you filled out their beautiful designed form , you will receive a E-Mail pretty fast (within 15min on Gmail) , depending how much load their Mailservers have . Don’t even bother typing anything , just attach the required selfie pictures , as they told you in the E-Mail . If they reject you , simple write a response with a lot of bla bla (sometimes it helps) , but don’t wait for an answer .

4) Keep sending unban requests

Ok here comes the secret: Keep . Sending . Unban . Requests . Until . You . Get . Unbanned . No . Matter . How . Often . You . Will . Do . It . Or . How . Long . It . Takes . If you cannot commit to the above secret , don’t even bother starting the process . Sometimes it happens on the first , sometimes on the fifth and sometimes it takes months.

You might notice that you will not get an E-Mail for the second unban request on the same E-Mail address . Instagram treats an E-Mail address as a user . So they handle your bullshit once and then their decision , towards this E-Mail sender is permanent . Sometimes you can re-send within a week or two , but since we want to get results fast , we gonna use a sneaky trick . Get your pants ready !

5) Abuse the shit out of google mail

We all know the dot trick for google e-mails aliases . As an example , the following E-Mail aliases will all land in your inbox:

Here comes the important part : You need to respond with the same E-Mail that you received the E-Mail on . So for every unban request you need to change your google mail settings . Go into your google setting .

Click on “Add another E-Mail address”.

Fill in the extra E-Mail of your choice . We used “h.e.n.r.y.c.o.o.p.e.r@gmail.com” in this example .


And that’s it ! Next time you want to respond to an unban request , you just need to select the correct reply-with address from the dropdown menu .


I hope this helped ! If you have any question , drop the below . Please read everything carefully and slowly first tho :thinking:

6) Extras

Change user agent in firefox:

  • Go to the URL “about:config
  • look for intl.accept_languages
  • change it to one of the following: en-us, en-gb, en, es

@HenryCooper for the win :slight_smile:

Nice trick with Gmail… wonder where it came from :wink:


I haven’t gotten any of my accounts banned yet but if I ever do I’ll definitely do what this post says. Thanks for the great information, hopefully people are smart enough to literally just follow exactly what you wrote!


Thank you so much for this! You are truly one of the most helpful people in this forum, I’ve learned a lot from your post!
Out of curiosity, would using an IPad be similar to desktop? Or would that fall under the “smartphone” category when dealing with this?
(I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but I always wondered if work done on iPads have the same results as on desktops)

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Never use a mobile device or tablet for anything serious :slight_smile:. I see so many Internet Marketers posting screenshots from mobile devices and every time I see them, a part of me dies inside :smiley:


Thanks, it cleared some doubts that came up this morning when I wanted to recover 2 IGs.

Number 1 was: I used the same name and surname for both. Will it be an issue?
Number 2 was: I send two pics of me on the same date, will they keep an archive and use facial recognition softwares to see if the same person already asked other times to unban any account?
Number 3 was: Can I use a different name and surname from the ones I used to sign up?
Number 4 was: should I use the same proxy I use for the account also to send the email? If so, should I pick the country that IP belongs to in the country selection section?
Number 5 was: it actually is not a personal account, so should I use the business one and forge documents to prove the existence of the business?

So from your experience it seems that:
1. I can use any name and surname. Different from sign up. Different from my real one. Or the same for 20 accounts and it doesn’t actually matter to them.
2. Doesn’t matter either. They just want someone to act as they ask.
3. As answered in #1, yes I can.
4. No need to use a proxy and country selection is up to me (you advise to use the USA so I will select them from now on)
5. Always select personal even if it is a business or if it is clearly not personal.

I already asked to recover one, still waiting for the answer. At this point I will go on and ask to unban the second one following your advices. Thanks again.


It is even required to not use a proxy or VPN software, that will just yield you worse results :slight_smile:


I definitely agree with this statement. Usually the longest it took me to unban an account was a few weeks… the last time I was disabled, I attempted to use a VPN & it took SIX MONTHS TO RECOVER! I’d suggest reading everything Henry’s ever posted in here, he won’t steer you wrong!!!


Worth its weight in gold this article @HenryCooper


The Gmail trick is funny as hell. Thank you for the info, hope I never need it :grin:


@HenryCooper strikes again :wink:, btw can you reply to my pm from yesterday ?

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This is where everyone goes wrong.


when i try using the link on PC. I get an error saying as the screenshot says below, despite the fact that i corrrectly inputted the username

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I had that error a few times as well, refresh the page or start a new appeal and keep trying! It will eventually go through, I think that’s just a bug

Tbh it looks like you filled the form wrong :smiley:

tbh. all i did was to click on the link u gave us here.

Send me the details via PM

i tried about 12 times now. but it still the same error i am getting .

Am I the only one seeing this little vital piece of info here?


Hey guys, quick question!
I’ve been searching for a thread on “accounts that are blacklisted” but all I was able to find were post about how to blacklist keywords and stuff like that. Is there more information on what to do if an accounts been blacklisted? Or is this a level 3 topic that I just can’t see? Any advice will help, thanks!