1000-1500 Followers/day for 75$/month?

Last week I bought an Instagram Account from a 13 year old very sweet young woman. It‘s centered around Comics made by Instagram Artists. When I first took a look at her account I saw this:

I was in SHOOK. About a 100 Story Shoutouts that looked exactly like this:

Person A shares the latest post & the @ of Person B in his story.
For Newbies: (The shared post is a preview of the content Person B usually posts & the @ is a straight redirect to Person B‘s Account Overview)

This is probably one of the most INEFFECTIVE ways to do Story Shoutouts. Yet she grew about 1.1k a day for 20 days straight (often repeating shoutouts with the same groups of accounts). For like an hour I kept asking her questions on how she found these groups of people that spam Story Shoutouts, how long it takes to get 1 Shoutout and a bunch of other stuff regarding this weird method.

Eventually I made some Notes, did the Math and in theory it should be possible to make 2x-3x times as much followers a day with a good Account add and better selection of Shout-out Partners.

To explain the Name of this topic: A Virtual Assistant that costs $2.50 an Hour would have to spend 30-60mins a day doing 200 Shoutouts (it’s a very easy task).

(DON‘T ignore the fact that how she did it couldn’t be worse, yet she grew 1k a day spending 30 minutes on Shoutouts)

PS: The account I bought did about 80-120 a day. Which means the followers could possibly be doubled depending on how big these groups are.

I was wondering if any of you would like me to do some testing and share my results in an in depth Guide on this weird method!

Leave a like or comment if you would be interested :innocent:


Dude, you okay? why you at the hospital??

And besides that, that’s an interesting way to grow… sort of like a shout-out loop situation.

Please do some tests and post your results/guide here.
Just a question (maybe dumb), the person that gets shouted need to mention back, right?

I never heard or seen of this method.


i hope you feeling well now
and yes it can be nice to hear more about this groups and method :v:

with 35$ / story answers you can get 3000 followers a month

Every year I try to take a bath and I just keep passing out. I’m bathing too hot. It’s natural selection at this point

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Kind of yea. The only downside is at some point nobody will watch your story anymore

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Yes. Both parties shoutout each other!

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And he’s talking about 1k/day lol


don’t tell him haha


so its like a dm group where everyone shoutout each other new post ? whats the difference with this method same thing no ?

they aren’t official groups but do know each other

Would love to learn more about this method

interesting method. lmk how it goes

I am always surprised from how people find new ways to handle old things… When you are about to say you’ve tried and seen everything, there comes something new…

Wish you fast recovery and of course we are all interested in a little brainstorming that may come out of this.

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Hope you’re feeling better now and thanks for posting this. I’m not sure I completely understand all of it but will be super keen to hear how further testing etc goes.
Thanks again!

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Curious to see how this pans out. Also, finding a group of people that will shoutout each other in such a spammy way is going to be a PITA.

Another concern would be towards your followers – who would go through 30+ stories of shoutout? There’s no room for actual content at all!

That moment when a 13year old girl got the secret methods


She didn’t even know what hashtags are haha. Almost everybody who does this method is very young and inexperienced. Yet they grow faster than us…