2 questions - new here. please help!

  1. what is your hashtag strategy?
  2. how many pages you running simultaneously?

thanks and have a good day!

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Can only hint for the first one: It’s against the Rules and Guidelines

Please don’t share courses or sites with them (If you are not the creator)

There’s a super cool interesting useful tool called www.google.com, have you ever heard about it?
You should definetely try it.

Search the forum for hashtag strategies. I only have 3 active pages, but it’s a one person operation with manual growth. Others here have hundreds, it ranges


Theres a depth of knowledge in the forum with tons of guides and strategies for hashtags and resources.

Do a few searches and you will see them :hugs:

And welcome to the forum!

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I see you asked about courses first :slight_smile: so, I’ll answer that.

Check this free course by Jarvee:
Instagram Authority by Jarvee

a lot of topics is covered, probably everything you need.