Updated MPSocial Forum Guidelines and Rules [2020]

Since we have a lot of new people on the forum lately and everyone wants to bring to the forum the same things they’re used to from other places, I though it high time we make the Guidelines and Rules of MPSocial a little more clear.

In case you missed them, the FAQs, TOS and Privacy Policy are still in effect. You might want to read them first to get accustomed with our general guidelines and way of doing things.

Now, here are the rest of the rules to follow, so everyone has a good time and we maintain a clean and good place for everyone to learn.

  1. No sharing of someone else’s courses - there are many places you can get these from that also keep them up to date. The only exception to this is if you are the creator of the course and want to share it with the community. First time
  2. No sharing of pirated software, books, courses If you didn’t create it, it’s not yours to share.
  3. No copy-pasting content from other places. You are not allowed to take an article or a piece of information that someone else created and paste it on the forum. If you want to participate in the discussion and share with the community use your own words.
  4. You are not allowed to funnel traffic outside of the forum in any way: do not create facebook groups, telegram groups, skype groups or any other kind of groups do not ask people for their emails or gather their information in any way.
  5. You are only allowed to sell your service in your thread if you have one. You are not allowed to sell your service as a reply to someone’s question or via PM. These are considered infractions and will lead to your service thread being removed and your account will be banned. This forum is meant to be a place to learn and share knowledge first, the marketplace is secondary and can be removed completely, for now it is only paused. Once exception here - if someone is looking for a service like yours only in the “Want to Buy & Looking For LVL2” section, you are allowed to post and mention your service and how you can help.
  6. Post count inflation is prohibited - there is no reason to post “thank you” or any other 2-3 words post just to show you’ve been there. If you genuinely want to thank someone for a post there is a “thank you button” in the form of a heart, use it. Reply if you genuinely have something to add to the post that helps the community.
  7. No domain names or misleading names as usernames - The username is not meant to be a promotion tool for yourself. Again, this forum is about learning and sharing knowledge, not a means of promotion.
  8. No affiliate links are permitted - no such link in any way shape or form.
  9. Duplicate accounts are not permitted - you are not allowed to create several accounts in order to spam or promote your service or ideas. If caught all account will be banned permanently.
  10. Do not bump old threads - if it’s been more than 6 months since anyone said anything it’s probably dead and there is no reason to revive it. If you have a question you can PM the OP to ask, if you want to provide an answer, don’t, the OP most definitely doesn’t need it anymore.
  11. No slinging mud - you are welcome to disagree with anyone and everything, but be respectful. Cursing, name calling, etc should be kept to a minimum. If your post / reply contains nothing more than calling someone out, you are not providing value to the conversation.

I am certain there are other things that can be clarified so this list is not complete yet. I will be adding to it for the coming several weeks until it’s complete and everyone has a set of exact rules to follow in order for us all to have a nice community.

Feel free to add your ideas below on how we can improve MPSocial, we’ll discuss them and if good they will be added to the list.


Love the new rules! It is a great start in restoring the old glory of the forum!

Just one question - what does one do if they see a rule has been broken?

As level 4, we can deal with some of the above issues, but not with all. The lower levels have even less options, so it would be good to have an outline of what to do if you see a bad apple.


You are right, I will update the above thread with guidelines on what to do. Great idea!


I would add to the above:

No slinging mud - you are welcome to disagree with anyone and everything, but be respectful. Cursing, name calling, etc should be kept to a minimum. If your post / reply contains nothing more than calling someone out, you are not providing value to the conversation.

We have a lot of shit throwing around the forum, so that might help keep it at bay going forward.


I also added the year to the title as there are a lot of really old threads that have “updated” in the title.


Tiny request from a humble lv1 here. Even though I’m new I think I’ve read pretty much every thread posted in the last year, spending a fair bit of time on this forum sponging up knowledge. I also contribuite to the community fairly regularly, sometimes even posting guides.

It is of my understanding that this forum used to be a bit more populated in the golden era of Instagram – any chance the requirements for level 2 could be lowered, to an extent?

It’s looking real hard to grind 200 likes at the moment (sorry if this request is disrespectful to admins and/or higher ranks).

Is there any preferred way or method to request a username change?

Do posts like this - New tool to find TikTok influencers 🚀


this - Join our INSANE DM group [20k+] >> TRAVEL NICHE <<

fall under this rule?

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agreed and added!

Even though not related to what we were talking, I will take a look at the limits again and see what can be done, thanks for your input :wink:

update: lowered the required Likes to 75 from 200, everything else stays the same :wink:

Unfortunately username changes are impossible. The main discourse site only allows it for 3 days, but it is generally frowned upon and never used. That is because all the mentions to a user get broken if the username is changed. Especially for older users this would create a lot of confusion and broken links/mentions. That’s why unless the discours devs create a better way to change a username we’ll not allow such a thing.

yep, deleted it.

deleted that as well - since most such groups die after a while anyway when they realize they are too few and some of them are cheating there’s no point in it.


I am here specifically to look for things like new tiktok tools/methods. Why would that be removed?

Because he was trying to sell his software outside of the marketplace.

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Hey i only just saw these new rules and i put a post up before breaking the rules. Can you please remove it for me?

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–> Does this mean, that you will re-open the market place?

–> What effect does this have on the WTB section?

–> some sellers encourage potential buyers to reply with discount code or something of the like. Basically that’s kind of bumping, too. What is your stand on this?


This forum was completely ripped apart by most scammers, and I saw them brag about only getting temporary bans. Same thing with people who are only here to drive members to their private groups to profit in the long term.

It’s easier to sell here by being shady than it is to open a legit sales thread and have people publicly comment on their truthful experiences.

I don’t think we have a rules problem, just a rules enforcement problem.


A few lines below the message you quoted:


Could not agree more. Updating the rules is a step in the right direction, but if there is no way to enforce them, it is all a waste effort to some extend.

Some people do stupid stuff just because they didn’t know better, so the rules will help lower some of that. For those who know whey are spamming and scamming, ensuring consequences is the only way to combat them.


Made an exception to rule nr. 5, namely :

Once exception here - if someone is looking for a service like yours only in the “Want to Buy & Looking For LVL2” section, you are allowed to post and mention your service and how you can help.

Both the marketplace and the wtb and looking for categories are in lvl2 so I will give some trust to people in LVL2 not to abuse this and create multiple accounts or anything else crazy. If they reached lvl2 it took some time and they will most likely not want to jeopardize their account.

If I find people abusing this they will get themselves banned ( both the initiators of fake WTB threads and sellers) and this exception will be removed.


at some point probably, not just now…

good question, just made an exception for that

Since their sales thread is all they have to promote their service they can ask actual buyers to do this if they don’t over-do it. The bump rules refers to bumping old regular threads.

Well I don’t see it like completely ripped apart, scammers and people wanting to take advantage of others are everywhere, there’s still a lot of nice and helpful people here as well and since I’ll be actively monitoring the reports we’ll get rid of most spammers soon.

Well the rules were a little lacking, but yes the enforcement is needed as well, I’ll take care of that :wink:

Agreed, I’ve banned quite a few already, more will come. Also I’ve been getting more and more reports of spam and breaking of rules lately showing that more members read the rules and want to enforce them.


Glad to see those changes, especially recently a lot of the “free” courses threads (and the following upsell via PM) got out of hand and required a really in-depth research to find out if they turned out to be scammy or not. Spent a lot of time on those useless threads -.-