[2019 Beginner Guide] Hashtags requires research learn How To Use them!

Seen a lot of people Complaining about engagement Dropping and complaining about hashtags not working as they did before!

1st is quality content! yes you overheard it but gotta cover it first and remind you Most of the times the problem might be your capitations and pic quality. They might not be as interesting for your customers and audience as you might think but just do some research on your competitors, look for accounts on the same niche that are doing well and learn from what they are doing better than you and adapt.

According to an analysis by TrackMaven, posts with nine hashtags receive the most engagement.

Graph and data comparing number of hashtag used and the average engagement per post.

But that doesn’t mean you should tag every post with a lot of hashtags. Again, they must be relevant to the content. Using a popular hashtag like #followmeback might get you a few new followers, but they’ll likely be the wrong kind—spammers or people looking to inflate their own follower count. These people will not engage with your brand.

The content of your posts must inform what and how many hashtags you use.

Avoid repetitive and generic hashtags like this

Lets get to the Sauce :shallow_pan_of_food: ,well let me tell you something 5 relevant hashtags with low competition that you can compete for with your engagement rate are better than 30 spammed hashtags it’s Not 2018 anymore!
Researching hashtags before using them it’s a very important Step, since the more relevant and targeted the hashtags you use are, the more you increase your chances of reaching a targeted audience that will engage with your posted content.

try and test and test … Don’t limit yourself to just what people say you don’t want what people want so you gotta get what you want! too many a lot of fox has outdated Info’s so don’t spam hashtags… Choose and use them wisely based on analytics and research

What hashtags are your competitors using?

Use hashtags that influential people in your industry with similar following counts are using… specially when they are Getting a higher engagement Rate than what you get with your same 30 hashtags every-time These people are already well-established with your audience, so why not learn from the best?

popular hashtags maybe over a million post are pretty useless because there is just too much noise, choose hashtags below 100k post, then below 50k post, then below 10k post and mix them.
Testing is the Key make sure you have quality content tho

Using irrelevant hashtags (or the same ones over and over) is a bad idea

When a user follows a hashtag and sees something they don’t like they can select the “Don’t Show for This Hashtag” option.

Also for Anyone who doesn’t have the time to check on hes competitors and put in the work ill give you a smart short way into it you will be using most Best related hashtags to your content that you are able to compete For

This is what you need to do differently:

Step 1.) Go to https://displaypurposes.com/

Step 2.) Type in a very broad keyword related to your niche.

Step 3.) Click “copy mode”

Step 4.) Click “five dots” to remove the dots.

Step 5.) Add the hashtags into a note pad and remove any that aren’t niche specific enough. Sometimes hashtags will be used for two completely different niches. Remove these.

Step 6.) Copy the hashtags, click the back arrow in your browser and paste them into the search bar.

Step 7.) Click “Auto” and move the slide from 30 to infinity.

Step 8.) Rinse and repeat until you have a ton of hash tags.

Step 9.) Click copy mode and copy all of the hash tags.

Step 10.) Special paste values only the hashtags into the “A” column of Google docs named hashtags.

Step 11.) Make a column B named “post count”, then column C named “Tier/Likes”.

Step 12.) Go through several hash tags with different popularity levels. Go to instagram and put them into the search bar. Take a look at the top 6 photos for every hash tag. How many likes/engagements do you need in order to rank for that hashtag?

13.) Only use hashtags that give you a chance of reaching top 6 posts.

14.) Enjoy 400% more reach.


If your posts are receiving less engagement (likes and comments) or don’t appear in searches, you may be under a shadowban . Being shadow banned will prevent your Instagram posts from appearing to all users who don’t follow you, which can hamper your growth. To avoid a shadowban, steer clear of illegal, risque and overly controversial hashtags, and avoid overusing tags and relying on hashtag tricks (using automated third-party apps to game the system).

last But not least let’s end it with this statement

Good Luck, Feel Free To Judge Correct me or let me know if i missed something tho


I’ll be honest, I had no idea 9 hashtags bring the best numbers.

Will test it next time!

Overall, very good tips here for new starters!

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Stop dafaq editing i can’t read lool


ok @Bartholomeo Sorry bro :joy:

@bakedcookie I wish you all the best of luck ,Just spent some time on research and on learning what your competitors does too!


The “Have a distinct visual presence” it’s really a pillar and will skyrocket ur engagement ratio.

Usually IG “categorizes” ur accs based on what format you engage more eg. u smash like to many albums - you’ll see more albums in ur explore, you smash like to many pics you’ll see more pics on your explore etc. etc.

And it works also with visual format (that’s gold for us).


Try to smash a like to a bit of videos/albums/photos with this format :point_up_2: , you will see your explore flooded with this type of content, with a high percentage coming from the same account if only this format is posted.

This is because machine learning recognizes this as a format like videos / albums / photos and therefore suggests the same format to you.

Create a unique format for your account and distribute it anywhere with your slaves linking it to ur king account. Enjoy organic traffic.


I think 20% of my bookmarks are either posts of yours or replies. THank you!


Great reply, thanks! But wouldn’t linking the main/king account in the caption of all the slaves raise red flags for instagram? Wouldn’t it be bad for the king account?

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Awesome share thanks!

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i do this:
5 post related hashtags (very relevant) + few trending hashtags + 1-2 emotional/mood hashtags + the rest is dynamic hashtags (20% low + 80% avg, based on acc size actually): about 3-20
i also do this with viral content reposting:
just copy-paste post’s hashtags that went viral

those two approaches are working wonders


Well, for slaves you must go with care, but still you can do it, as to gain followers you must link somewhere the mother…
This is usually done with networks.


thank you guys for sharing your Experiences and thoughts really

I couldn’t agree more well said! Dziękuję, bracie

Well I’m sure You do your analytics and Researches on hashtags Before using them that’s a huge + on it thanks for the share :+1:

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Edite : added a small tutorial that will help you a lot


nice post Alorosa, thanks. Stupid question:
Why would 9 have better reach than 25? (if have more verification of this, please send)
Logic holds more is more…
Something counter-intuitive, don’t get it. Thanks,

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You are always Welcomed bro ,

The Idea is simple ;
9 relevant hashtags with low competition that you can compete for and have big chance to rank on top of with your engagement rate are better than 30 spammed hashtags that no one sees you in them! they already saturated with spam!

if you Don’t know how hashtags Works and you are having a bad time with them than you can go back to my topic and take notes and apply them and see how it goes and update us.

If you know how to use hashtags Good for you Don’t need to use any of this tips and methods that i shared.