Manually Finding Hashtags Help

Manually going to be finding Hashtags for my niche. How do I know what’s good and what’s not? I’m obviously trying to hit the Top on each hashtag, so what are the best hashtags to target post wise?

That depend on the amount of followers you have, your niche, your content, and how fast your followers engage with your conent.
if you want to hit top in some hashtags so you need to copy your competitors, i would suggest you is pick a hashtag related to your niche (from 50k to 500k) and copy hashtags of the best 9 post on this hashtags and mix them, i did this in the past and i had really great results.


Read some of these:

I also just used the search on mpsocial. It’s pretty good to find hashtag tips.


Besides using Jarvee to scrape, this website really helps find different sizes of hashtags and is very easy to use

(search by keyword)


Thanks for sharing this reply and pulling out some great threads on hashtag research…I think I need to get reading!

This is what I do, not exactly manual though. My way to find the best hashtags based on number of followings instead of number of posts