[2019 Beginner Guide] How to automate Engagement Groups in Jarvee | Beginner Guide to Spintax

Disclaimer: This guide is beginner friendly and guides the user using screenshots.

I have been in some engagement groups and it’s been very time-consuming. Luckily our all-time favorite tool Jarvee offers a simple solution to that. It solves the issue of manually liking and writing comments.
So let’s get into the meat of this guide:

The tool is located under the Global Tools and called IG Engagement Groups dugh
The important window for the comments is this one:

In the beginning, I was wondering how I could add different comments. The answer is simple yet somewhat complicated.

The answer is: You cannot add multiple comments, at least not “officially”.
The tool provides the option to use Spintax which is very powerful.

Here is a quick guide to Spintax:

Spintax is the format (or syntax) that is used by various software spinners and article submission sites that create or use spun articles. Traditionally it has been used to generate tons of unique articles for BlackHatSEO and spamming. The concept behind it is relatively straightforward though.

I believe a simple example is better than a explanation

This is a {tutorial|guide} for {MPSocial|MPS}

Those are the possible outputs:

This is a tutorial for MPSocial
This is a guide for MPSocial
This is a tutorial for MPS
This is a guide for MPS

As you can see the text in those curly braces -> {{{ is replaced by one of the versions for each sentence. You can add multiple replacements by using the pipe --> ||| to seperate the two words.

Using this method you can create hundreds of unique comments by just adding synonyms for words.
In this example I used ‘guide’ and ‘tutorial’ as they are very similar in meaning and make sense contextually.

Now begins the creative part. You have to come up with sentences that are suitable for every of the accounts you want to comment on but not to generic to be obvious/spammy. I will not give you any advice on this, as this is niche dependent and I am still testing here as well.

Now comes the part how you can combine multiple comments / sentences. I created two simple comments:

Combining them is actually quite simple once you know how to do it. This is the general idea:
{Comment1 | Comment2} <-- Also be careful with spaces, I simply added them to make it easier to distinguish, the synonym in the curly braces should only be seperated by pipes and not by spaces.

You can see how I did this for the comments in line 8
To not lose track of your comments and make it a bit more visually appealing I personally use it as shown in line 11-15.

This makes it really to add multiple niche related comments while creating tons of variations.

Here is a website that let’s you check Spintax you created: https://spintaxtool.appspot.com/spintax

Ok now we covered how to create the comments. We are almost done now.
There are 7 more steps to finish the automation

1st Step: Add your account that you want to comment on other peoples post

2nd Step: Add all the accounts that are in the engagement group and should receive comments

3rd Step: Add your comment in the window and optionally check the box ‘Like comment after comment’

4th Step: Adjust the numbers

Depending on how many actions your account is running you have to limit the actions per hour and set limits you are comfortable with.

5th Step: Repeat Step 1 and 2 in the ‘Likes’ tab - If your engagement group is Comments + Likes

Also adjust the numbers here once again.

6th Step: Flip the switch in desired tabs
Last step is to enable automatic comments/likes

That’s it. You’ve done it.

7th Step: Like this post :sunglasses: - this step is optional but would greatly help me out and shows me your appreciation.

If you have any questions, or improvement ideas feel free to comment here or to send me a direct message.


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Thanks for the tutorial. I have always wanted to use this feature but never put much thought into how it works.
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Awesome guide!
But does anyone know how to put all Telegram groups that I’m in?
Should I scrape a list of all group members and then put it in Jarvee?

Basically, all I want to do is exchange likes in some of the 24h groups and send a link to my new post once I’m done liking other users posts.

Would definitely love if you have any tips on this.

Thank for sharing mate ! :grin:

How many account can add on like engagement group tool

And when adding more than 10 accounts, I will need to add more RAM in my device