220 million comments on a single post ?!

Hellow there, just after finding a guy with 90m comment on YouTube, I’ve seen even more crazier, a Russian user named @_vzaimno have on his post, a whopping 220million of comments, he actually have 200k followers and commented posted look like spam

I really wonder how this is still possible after Instagram literally nerfed everything

Ps.i finded his profile with igblade engagement leaderboard

it’s definitely a spam because there is no way you will get 220 M comment IG will ban the account most likey soon he has many accounts other than that and some of them are named smm so i’s all fake.

Didn’t comments get deleted if the accounts that left the comments get disabled? Anyway, it reminds of me of this thread INSANE - 10.7M comments and growing by mass tagging! 📈