INSANE - 10.7M comments and growing by mass tagging! 📈

If you check out who has a total of 24 posts. It was picked up by socialblade around 14k gaining a few per day. I believe 1 post at the time.

Fastforward to the second post, somehow they hacked the comment block and spammed tagged 7 million people.

That one post generated more than 400k followers.

Posts since then seem to be all spam comments so hard to tell what’s going on. If anyone can shed some light on how this was done I’d be curious to hear it.


Funny I was tagged in this aswell, and confused the hell out of me :smile:

Well, he is using his own custom bot, that’s for sure. He was tagging also only verified accounts (to get more exposure to the account and more reach). At the beginning, till 2M comments, he was tagging one verified account in one comment, every account being tagged every 3 seconds on average. Recently, he changed the strategy, and started tagging around 5 accounts per comment, but he is tagging not verified accounts now (he just scraped this own followers of followers, and his followings of followings and adds them to his own bot to tag them automatically into his comments on his post). And around 8-12 seconds interval between the comments.

I am 100% sure that some of your accounts have been tagged as well by his guy!

Well, he is using some kind of exploit and taking the advantage of some Instagram “blackholes”. Yeah, he is not advertising anything, he is just trying to be a noticeable guy, or want to be employed in Facebook. Because I believe he could get paid by Facebook if he could explain them how he did it :slight_smile:

Just imagine if you could have done some advertisement…

I have also tried to comment and tag people, but get blocked after 10-15 comments and tags. Well, he used some kind of trick to bypass the blocks, by finding some kind of decent time gap between each comment/mention. I don’t know how Instagram doesn’t see this, but maybe there is some kind of algorithm who lifts the comment blocks after you get particular amount of likes/comments/engagement on the post.

This is some good blackhat method right here guys! If even some of the people will figure out how to do it and bypass Instagram radar, they can make good money on this method and surely won’t tell anybody about that just for not leaking this information :slight_smile:


solid analysis @pow I think you nailed it… and nice observation @abcbfc!
Curious to find out more when this develops further


just got tagged in this.

edit: just tagged in another one:

I know some panel sites sell mentions for like $1.5 per 1000 mention and you can upload custom list is that what they are doing?

Last video has 17k views and 48k comments :smirk:


Yeah I’ve been following this thread (and the original locked one) on BHW. So far, no real insights and too many people claiming “I can do this”.

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He’s using mentions for sure and a lot of them. Recently i’ve tried using mentions for my accounts and most of mentions are ghosted… not sure how this guy does it… seems magical. I am more interested to know how old that account is

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can you point me to this panel

If memory serves me right I believe there is only one bot that does mentions as a feature graminantor. Risky af!


following and what is the best panel out?

What’s it called?

I mention it graminator

Ok, So this is very interesting.

I see that the mentions are actually by his own account and not by a ghost account.

As a little test I just ordered 3k mentions (was minimum order) on one of my videos that I put up today. It already has 50k views but has slowed down. Also, the profile I’m using is only on 8k followers too.
Keen to see what happens in the next day or two.

yo dude, where i can find this Graminator? i was just googling for find it, but can’t find any service.

How did you contact him? DM or Email?

It was shut down ages ago, brother. You gotta find something else.

I just bought them from panel.

It’s a few dollars per Thousand.

They’ve been delivered. Done jack shit, thus far.

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Which one did you use?

How can I access that panel?