245k Instagram Account Disabled

TL;DR - Basically my account was disabled 3 times, the most recent 2 times within 36 hours of me getting reactivated after the 2nd disable. I’m looking for any help on what to do, because Instagram most likely updated their system and won’t budge.

So, one of my very popular meme pages with 245,000 followers has been disabled. 3 times now let me list the times in order I was disabled and what happened.

  1. I was disabled around May, I appealed once online, and then used a facebook link to appeal and kept doing that actively. I sent them the code. Then around 18 hours after being disabled, my account magically came back. I got no reactivation email. Here’s the really trippy part, 3 days later I got a reply to my appeal via email saying my account couldn’t be re-enabled, but it already was. Weird. I didn’t really think much of it and continued doing what I was doing.

  2. I was disabled this Friday (8/11/17). I again continued to appeal via multiple links on my desktop, no proxies or anything. Just appealing like every 30 minutes begging Instagram for my account back. Then around Monday (8/14/17) I receive this email,


Your account has been reactivated, and you should be able to access it now. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions, please visit the Help Center:



Community Operations

-----원본 메시지-----
From: XXXXX@gmail.com
제목: My Instagram Account Was Deactivated

Is this account used to represent a business, product or service?: Personal
Full Name: XXXXX
Your Instagram Username: XXXXX
Your email address: XXXXX@gmail.com
Which country are you writing in from?: United States

-----End Original Message-----

I found it really odd that I got a message from the Korean (yes that’s Korean) support team. But I didn’t really care and was just jumping for joy because I had my account back. But another thing to note is that whenever I got my account back, I had around 2,900 posts before I got deleted. When I came back I had about 139 posts. I had been hearing lots of people complaining about temporarily disabling their accounts, and coming back to no photos, but then they eventually came back. Now I want to note, I post on a very specific schedule. 10am,1pm,4pm,7pm,10pm,1am pretty much every day. Sometimes even down to the second. I also include “follow (@myuser) for more content like this” in every single post. That leads me to believe I was disabled because they thought I was botting, but that still doesn’t make that much sense.

  1. 3 I was disabling on Monday (8/15/17). The day started out normal, I was happy of course to have my account back. Then around 5pm, boom my account is gone. I immediately went onto my computer and started appealing again. This was only 36 hours after I just got my account reactivated. I was so confused. I appealed, but the automatic email that asks you for a code usually, took 6 hours to finally reach my email. I sent the code, then strangely they sent me an email asking for my utility bill, tax filing, or other business documents (the standard email they send to business accounts). I was confused, but sent my utility bill anyways. Then I get this email in response.


It looks like your account has been disabled. We disable Instagram accounts that don’t follow our Terms of Use. Actions that are against our terms include:

  • Continued prohibited behavior after receiving a warning or multiple warnings from Instagram
  • Unsolicited contact with others for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting, dating or other inappropriate conduct
  • Impersonation of a person or entity, or other misrepresentation of identity
  • Posting content that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law
  • Posting content that violates our Terms of Use

Please review Instagram’s Terms of Use to learn more about our policies:



Community Operations

And I’ve gotten that email 3 times now. The first time from reporting my account as hacked (I reported it as hacked through the need more help link in the app when my Instagram account was disabled on 8/11/17. They asked me to send a code, sent one, then never replied. Then when I was disabled on 8/15/17 boom they send me a reply that’s the same thing as above, with a different name. Then I got it in response to an appeal I sent. Then I got it from the email where they asked me to send the code. I’m pretty sure Instagram updated their appeal system, and that’s the standard email now. Anyways, if anyone has any tips on how to recover my account, please help me!

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What did you do that they disabled your account ? With 245,000 followers you do not follow/unfollow anymore I hope ?

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I don’t know. I make sure all my content follows the TOS and Community Guidelines. And no I don’t follow/unfollow, I’ve never artificially collected likes, never botted, none of that shady stuff. I’ve never done any of that stuff, my account was originally grown because I only posted carousel posts. I’m only following like 40 people, and it’s other meme pages. Since my content reaches a large number of people (1mil+ unique accounts per photo) I’m assuming if enough people are mad about a post that isn’t against the guidelines, but mass report it, then it can be removed.


this is super painful :stuck_out_tongue: one of my friends had the same issue a 20k account banned for no damm reason . lol . instagram is getting more fucked up everyday


If you using bot, it’s against of ig term, so we have to accept every punishing, do carefully every step to make account save.

If there asking what the account is for, bussiness or personall most likely because you can only have one personal account, I assume you can multiple business accounts. correct me if im wrong

So having multiple personal accounts is a bad thing?

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if they find out!

Do you know how they would find out?

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ip address, dev ids, google ads id etc but generally only if ure account flags ups. just be careful. :slight_smile: generally no more than 3-4 accounts per IP

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I’m doubtful of this. How is Instagram against having multiple personal accounts when they allow a maximum of 5 accounts to stay logged in per client? If they don’t want people to have too many personal accounts that’s in direct violation of a rule they’re keeping to themselves.

hmm find out the hard way I guess

facebook has really good system to discover an paid proxy. Idk about instagram, but its seems that now follow up.

You can have several personal accounts, there is nothing wrong with that. Why do you say that it is not ?

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I just edited your spam message. You going to delete this one too?

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True, but if they follow 1K+ per day & Like 1K+ per day & like/tag each other it’s just to easy for instagram👍

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I have a personal account on my phone, and several other accounts which are not really business because there is no official business for them. I consider them to be personal. They are in the IG app on my phone, they share the same phonenumber, and all use my home IP for MP activities. They are all connected with Facebook pages with me as an admin. These are my strongest accounts. Never never never had email or phone verification on any of them.

The key here, is that apparently Mark doesn’t like meme pages, instead he likes pages of weirdly drawn vaginas.


The meme page wars begin

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could it be that you have some trolls/competitors who keep complaining to instagram that your posts are spammy and accuse you of botting?

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