245k Instagram Account Disabled

There is a massive ban again

pretty much lmao. I honestly don’t know why Instagram chooses to disable me, and not those other kiddie porn or meme accounts with death. I mean hell I accidentally saw a video on this one meme account of this guy dying, and obviously Instagram knew about it because it had a “sensitive content” warning. But no, nothing wrong with that? All the meme pages just need to go of course.

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The same has happened to me
This week got 6 disabled accounts.
Each account has at least 100k followers

Each time i try to restore my account i get the same email:

The most interesting thing is: each account has 0 followings - so it didnt followed or liked some users. Just posted pics

Thats weird for me


Were they pics that are available in many places, and not altered, or with watermark? As in did you buy a download file / stock images / reposts, or are they all 100% original posts?

Hello is it has recovered?

has anyone else had any luck? my appeals dont seem to go through anymore, and when they do i still dont get any reply

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One Reason is if you direct message to other users for promotion, ads and shoutouts and if other users reported that DM then there is a possibility of suspension.

Edited by @wortime as he has already spammed one thread and that’s plenty.

Please stop spamming every thread with this or you’ll get yourself banned.

I repost and schedule images on several 90k+ accounts. This scares me. Should I stop or something?

Look like now Instagram disables every account that is deactivated. After i verified by sending them my image holding paper, they replied by “your account is disabled”. Every account. Anyone able to reactivate account?

I myself can’t ban you, but your spam and attitude will. Other members have already told you to not open sales threads and or spam and yet here you are.

Actually I CAN edit your posts. It does not violate your rights and privacy. I particularly enjoyed your private message where you are trying to find out my IG.

Your a funny guy you know that?

LOL. I’m so scared man. So scared.



I think I just peed my self-laughing…obviously, no sleep and too much work have taken its toll… I will now go and sit by the pool chortle to myself


Hey there. My name is Federica and my personal account has been disabled almost two months ago, by now, for no reason. When I try to log in it says it’s because of “sexually suggestive content”. Before someone comes at me telling “ah, yeah, they surely disabled your account for no reason”, being ironic, I really didn’t. I’m not a pornstar, photo model nor something similar. Actually, I didn’t post this much lately, I was posting more stories about yoga stuff. The only picture I had that could have bothered someone is this one from a random photoshoot with my friend:

As you can clearly see, no nudity nor sexually suggestive content and I had it for more than a year on my account, never been deleted (actually none of my posts has ever been deleted). Before Instagram disabled the account, they didn’t warn me. Nothing, they just took it down overnight. In fact I used it 'till midnight and at 8 a.m. it was already disabled. Do you think they took it down because of that picture even though it didn’t violate TOS? I tried to do the same with other accounts and report them as a whole but the “it doesn’t violate our TOS” message arrived so I don’t think this is the problem. Maybe lot of people reported me, I blocked some account because they were rude.
So it’s been two months now that I’m trying to regain access to my account, spamming them everywhere like I read on here. Yesterday they sent me again the email for the code picture and it was the only sign I got from them since June, waiting for their answer now. Today they sent me this and I’m confused. Immagine My account should be disabled (and it still is) so I don’t get why I got this message and I’ve never received it before. What should I think? Did it happen to someone else? Maybe something is moving and they are finally looking into this issue?
Sorry for the long post but I needed to explain it the best I could and sorry for my english. Thank you for your time.

Ciao! Credo tu debba attendere risposta alla mail dove hai mandato il selfie + pin. Ci mettono 24 ore solitamente. È la prima volta che provi a riattivare l account così?

(sorry for the pizza mafia mandolino guys)

should F/UF not be used after a certain point at all? It still works… Is it risky though or something?

Ciao, grazie per la risposta! È la prima volta che mi capita una cosa del genere (e cioè che mi disabilitano il profilo, non so se dire “per fortuna” o “purtroppo”) ma la foto con il codice già l’ho mandata a giugno con conseguente risposta da parte del solito bot in cui mi veniva detto che l’account è disabilitato (come se non lo sapessi da me) e i motivi per cui disabilitano i profili. Da quel momento in poi non ho ricevuto altre risposte ma ho continuato a compilare moduli, mandare foto in risposta a quella stessa prima mail e mandare foto del documento, più volte al giorno tutti i giorni. Nessuna risposta fino a ieri che mi hanno mandato nuovamente la mail (scritta in maniera leggermente differente rispetto alla prima ma in cui chiedevano esattamente la stessa cosa, anche il codice era uguale) e a quella ancora non ho ricevuto risposta, ma attendo perché anche la prima volta ci misero due giorni più o meno. Ciò che mi ha lasciato un po’ stranita è la mail ricevuta oggi, tant’è che credevo magari mi avessero riattivato il profilo, e invece niente ahimè. In tutti questi anni non ho mai ricevuto email del genere per i post di quelli che seguo e, proprio perché comunque il mio account teoricamente non esiste, ci ho sperato. :frowning:

(Ah, tranquillo ahahah)