3rd time in a week i heard this on TV

Hi guys, ive been hearing something that worries me on TV last week. I know TV is not the best source for this kind of info but wanted to asked if a missed info here.

They keep saying tjat IG is about to implement “private mode” stats. Something of the sort of: number of likes on a post and who liked, number of followers and who they are, etc are all going private.

Heard it once and let it go, heard it twice and though wtf how can a radom tv guy would be up to date better than this mp comunity. Third time i heard it, today, came here to ask if anyone heard anything about it.

Its kind of game over for targeting and very very very bad news for us all if IG would make this move.

Its been mentioned a few times on here already (well at least the hidden likes) Its being tested as we speak.


Nothing will change when they implement it.
Nothing to worry about


Somewhere something will be public on social media, we will scrape that and spam LOL



they have only talked about hiding likes

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While brands may initially question how removing likes will impact their campaign goals, the viability of marketing on Instagram has already been proven. Therefore, I don’t think much will change except the parameters of liking posts.

Doing it in Canada right now