[Poll] The Real Reason For Hidden Likes ❓ Zucks (Evil?) Plans

What really keeps me up at night is what Zucks has planned for our human kind…

What do you think is the real reason IG is rolling out hidden likes? Is Instagram beta testing a shared marketplace by connecting influencers with companies through the app?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this :blush:

  • Zuckerberg cares about the mental health of his users
  • Zucks wants your followers to focus on what you post not how many likes you get
  • Mark wants to devalue influencer marketing and increase ad revenue
  • Instagram is becoming a shared marketplace

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Cause their ads don’t get alot of likes which hurts businesses between a real post and sponsored post.


my ads always did well tbh…

Sounds also reasonable to me that this might be a show of influence.

Canada has about 10 million instagram users. It is known how social media affects the brain and hormone release, so with taking away one of the most addictive parts they might force the users to seek other rewarding behaviour in the app.


@MyFocus This doesn’t take into consideration the human factor. On paper it might look like a reasonable idea (less stress supposedly) but the truth is that it will create even more fake interactions since now all that people have to do is to buy a bunch of fake likes on the latest posts and screenshot them to prove that they are worthy of working with a brand. The brand won’t be able to see the fluctuation of likes and won’t realize they are fake. Plus if the number of followers and comments will be the only public metric you can be sure people will buy even more of them.


A very good point of view.


If that’s what’s it about then Instagram will find a way for people that need to verify their engagment.

So what? Doesn’t change shit. You don’t pick your influencers based on a impulse decision after taking a look at one post and definitely work out a deal for MORE than one ad. So there’s other metrics you can look at when measuring the success of your influencer campaign.

End of the day there are still LOTS of users on IG. More real than marketing/spam.

but hiding likes has to be the most retarded thing ever done by IG.

I want to know who in their right mind requested this.

Whats next…hide comments…hide followers? just hide it all ? rofl.


Just hide Instagram :joy:


Not in the real world my friend. I’m an influencer and sadly the vast majority of brands don’t know a shit about egagement/fake followers/fake likes…


And they have done a whole bunch of retarded things… :joy:


In the new layout, rolled out already, the followers number it’s like super small

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It just seems like a stupid move. So I must be missing something. I would like the know their real reason also.

They’re all gonna go out of business, every single one of them. everyone!!!

It is to kill influencers, what else is there… Like Mark really gives a shit about people, he is not able to, everyone who has seen the hearings knows he is a sociopath that religiously believes that it is all about the money


Why does everyone think this would kill influencers? I’m not sure everyone understands that you would STILL RECEIVE LIKES, they would just not be visible to the public. There are still a tonne of metrics to show you whether or not a post is viewed by a lot of people, and screenshots exist, so I’m not sure why this would kill influencers?


It is possible that the primary motivation behind this is for good PR.

With all the bad press FB has been getting, I imagine they are investing considerable resources into improving the way they are perceived by the masses and this change could just be a part of that


@Kavorka You’re completely right. And I’m also not scared about our marketing with Instagram. It will be the same with or without likes. Just that they aren’t visible then so easy. But growth is growth.

@nomad Thats not to unrealastic, actually. Now Instagram/Facebook looks like a Hero who frees the people from their mental problems, depressions, all the new world problems just because they are hiding likes.


Also possible, usually when it comes to testing new features they roll them out to a random group of people and keep most of the information private.

This time they leveraged a “massive” change and made sure they maximize “profit”.

In my opiniion it is to give Facebook a better image now that everyone is focused on their privacy. This draws attention away from their very intrusive tracking and gets Facebook in the news in a good way which hasn’t been the case for a long time.

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How many of you still follow traditional news sources?