4g henry cooper proxies

Hey guys, would like to ask advice, is somebody manage to run 20 accounts on 4g henry cooper proxies? for example at day 10 accounts running and 10 on night. Thank you.

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I don’t think that 20 would be a good idea. But there are people who are doing it. It depends on a lot of factors.

running acc in shifts will force you to do more actions per hour which will result in more blocks for you.

Guys, I just need to do 200 follows daily.

200 follows daily per account?

Yes friend, and unfollow about 20 people daily.

200 is already bad because some months have 31 days -> >6000 limit of follow, with all other variables considered as being 100%, set it to 190

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That’s too much, no way you can do 2000 follow and unfollow actions on different accounts on one proxy, they will all get blocked or even banned

yes @pizdakokiaswagga , that’s what I’m talking about. Why you think mobile proxies will be better than 1:1 private Ipv4? just wondering, looks like almost everyone is so blind with the damn mobile proxies (not talking about any mobile proxies in particular). If you want to do 200 follows per day, running in shifts will force you to do more actions per hour, which will result in more blocks. Also sharing IP across 10 acc even if it’s possible it will never be as good as 1:1.


And that’s only if we consider that you are doing night/day, in full 24h that’s 4000 actions +, way too much

Oh, I see friend, now I’m using residential expensive proxies, thought that coopers proxies would be better solution, but as I can see it’s not that awesome.

Finally someone talking with common sense. I agree with everything you state.


Mobile IP or Residential IP are not invulnerable solution to aggressive spam or robot setting. It’s just that you can do more and a bit safer doesn’t mean you can do the hell out of it.

The 20 accounts pattern that you mentioned, it’d take just the first level security to catch the accounts.

I’d suggest warming up account as act it’s human being would do for a while and increase slowly to the point that is not near the limit.

I’ve ran many IG accounts on my own mobile proxies, and the block and ban aren’t tolerant to the suspected accounts. Accounts that have good reputation and action with minimal action’s setting are running up to nowadays.

Treat mobile proxy and residential proxy as it’s a normal IP not alternative to be a shield for aggressive setting.

I’m pretty sure the 1:1 mobile proxies are shared with other users as well. I think Henry has mentioned this in the forum.

Not talking about mobile, I said IPv4 :wink: :slight_smile:

Mobile 4$ ones are shared device ofc.

Yes, 1:1 mobile proxies are raw mobiles technically. Just that the seller allows you putting just 1 account, so in the end of the day few other people are also on the raw mobile. The difference between raw mobile and 1:1 is that the seller has its own system for 1:1 mobiles, some have rotation or just limitations for how many accounts will be running on them.


You can use up to 10-30 accounts / raw mobile proxy IF you know how to handle the timings. The Henry’s proxy rotates at 10 mins so you will have a new IP every 10 mins so no worries on having to deal with overloading same IP with thousands of actions from various accounts since that is not true. You will have a fresh new IP that can be used for couple of accounts. As I’ve said, static it’s bad, but this is not the case with Henry’s proxies. Some people in this thread they don’t know what they are talking about!


Just to be sure, on HC proxies 1:1, can people get by using two accounts on 1 proxy? It just scares me as I use it correctly and dont want to put my accounts at risk because some a** is using them incorrectly.

let me LOL at that.

You are a clear example. Well done.

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