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Proxy.Doctor is one of the leading 4G+ Mobile Proxy providers in Europe and we have offered our proxies exclusively here at MPsocial for the past 3 years.

As we only focus on mobile proxies in one location and keep a lean setup at all times, we can offer the most competitive prices on the market.

:money_with_wings: FOR BULK PRICES (3+ Proxies) comment below.

:globe_with_meridians: FOR AGENCIES we also offer discounts.

Comment below for more details on trials and bulk orders.


  • :signal_strength: Are you a reseller : Absolutely not, we own and operate our own physical hardware out of Austria, EU (and yes, we have the pics and logs to prove it!)
  • :round_pushpin: Do your 4G+ proxies leak my real information or location : No, our 4G+ proxies fully pass the WhatLeaks and DNSleak tests.
Here's the Proof

  • :desktop_computer: What other major sites are your 4G+ proxies good for, besides Instagram : YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google and many more! Remember we do not limit what sites you can visit.
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Can I create accounts with your 4G+ Proxies : Yes, Day & Night!
  • :eu: Why Austria : Our 4G+ LTE connections are based in Austria, in the heart of Europe (not :kangaroo: Australia). Vienna, Austria is one of the most highly developed and efficient cities/countries for mobile ISPs in western Europe (EU). Also with some of the most stable high-speed fiber-optic backbone network connections in the world (btw Austria was the first country in the EU to implement 5G Mobile Internet at full scale. Before you ask, our 5G Proxies are sold out, sorry. Due to provider and hardware cost, we are still negotiating for better pricing and do not offer them until further notice. But they are the future of mobile proxies!)
  • :lock: What about Privacy : We offer 4G+ Proxy connections from all three tier-1 mobile ISPs in Austria, which are T-Mobile (Magenta), Drei (Hutchison), and A1 Telekom . Austria has one of the most stringent privacy laws worldwide (stricter than Switzerland) as long as it doesn’t involve neo-Nazi sentiment or child pornography. This makes it a stable and secure country to host any of your data activities.
  • :mag_right: How do you monitor your uptime : We include an online monitor website for your 4G+ Proxies, which you can check anytime and see current statistics (before you start troubleshooting your connections) As a bonus, we also offer automated email alerts, should your 4G+ proxy ever go down. But we’ll probably know about it before and are already fixing it.
  • :1234: How many accounts per 4G+ proxy : We recommend 5-10 at the same “exact” time, but you may use more if you like. You can also run up to 20-40 accounts easily and safely by operating accounts in shifts and automating with care.
    BUT, for your paying clients we would recommend one dedicated 4G+ proxy per account.
    We also have rotating proxies, for “scrapers” e.g. 80x scraper accounts on one proxy.
  • :fire: Pricing : All our prices are in EUR and for a period of one (1) month .
    Platform Proxy Plan: €34.90 per Proxy / Month (e.g. for Instagram)
    Rotating Proxy Plan: €39.90 per Proxy / Month (e.g. for Scrapers)
    Full Access Proxy Plan: €59 per Proxy / Month (e.g. for All Websites)
  • :calendar: Do you have monthly contracts : Our plans are month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime.
  • :credit_card: What payment methods do you accept : We accept Stripe (Credit Cards). For larger orders, pls contact us for alternative payment options.

Your 4G+ Proxy login details will be sent to you with your payment confirmation, so you can get started right away.

24/7 Technical Support (Email, WA, TG, Skype and online Chat)

48 Hours Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked, just send us a message and we’ll make it right immediately. Not valid with any trial offers.

LIMITED Stock for our 4G+ Proxies (they are the most popular) It can take time to order new HW at the moment.

High IP Trust Score (e.g. with Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn)

Population Density of a Metropolitan City like Vienna (Higher Pool of IPv4 Addresses that use the latest NAT Technology)

DISCLAIMER: We have a zero tolerance for email spamming, spamming in general, hateful activities, bullying, or any illegal activities .

All prices in EUR and for a period of one (1) month.

Web: www.Proxy.Doctor
Email: sales@proxy.doctor
For General Questions please comment below

To GET STARTED visit us at:
:point_right: www.Proxy.Doctor


Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!


Awesome, thanks :ok_hand:


Those proxies look great my friend!
Wish you lots of success! :sunglasses:

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Thanks :wink:we are expanding :grin:

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:tada:Congratulations, just sent you the coupon code :+1: @starman

These 4G+ Mobile Proxies are located in Vienna, Austria :austria: in the heart of Europe!
One of the best test sites, iP2Location.com:


4x Coupons left… Check description above :wink:

  • First 48hrs are FREE :free: and you keep the same IP afterwards :+1:
  • High Quality Location :face_with_monocle: and 4G+ Providers

i will give it a try. Could you pls send me the code. Thanks

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Proxy.Doctor for the coupon!

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For anyone who need a proxy for European clients especially Germans this is the best one you can get. I setup 2 accounts didn’t even need the code verification because it not show as suspicious login. Fast setup and WhatsApp support available. Give it a try


Thanks for your interest :+1: Sent you a message!

Thanks for the props @iki Much appreciated :pray:

:+1: @killerscript sent you a message with one of the -20% coupons for the 4G+ Mobile Proxy.

It looks very good. At the moment I don’t have a account left to make a try. But maybe in the near future. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, sounds like you need to get some accounts :wink: because these are the best 4Gs and their going fast :rocket: :laughing:

3x Coupons left… Check description above :point_up_2:

  • First 48hrs are FREE and you keep the same IP & HW afterwards
  • Avoid Getting Your Accounts Blocked
    These 4G+ mobile proxies provide you with the same IPs that are used by real, legitimate phone users. Its will make all websites believe that you are connected using a real mobile device.

v interested to see this

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Will send you a message with details asap