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Do you offer free trial?

Can I use proxy with IP whitelist auth??

Bro, are you alive? Now way to contact you.

Sent you a message.

Please contact us on TG @ ProxyDoctor
We can offer trials next week and also offer IP Authentication.

Do you offer US proxies or only Austria? What happens if I login and manage an IG account that is based in the US from your Austrian proxies?

Our 4G+ Mobile Proxies are based in ONLY in Austria :austria: Europe.
Since they are mobile connections, Instagram isn’t too worried about location.

Important to remember is not to login from your US based phone (with US IP from your US ISP) at the same time or to keep switching back and forth between our proxy and your US phone.
But if you just plan to use our 4G+ Mobile Proxy, then you will be OK and safe.

First time you login from a new connection / location / device you might get a request to approve the new login. That’s it.

PM me for a trial,

Thanks. So if logging in with your proxies on a desktop computer (and no phone), will I be fine? Anything else to remember or do? What’s your smallest price plan for such proxies? Any discounts currently? Thanks.

Yes, you will be fine. 4G+ Mobile Proxies are a must these days, especially if you are trying to automate.
Our prices are already fine tuned, especially if you are just looking for Instagram and no other websites (34.90€/month). Discounts from 3 or more proxies.

:point_right: http://proxy.doctor


Also sent you msg on Telegram

@darkshooter123 Sent you TG with Trial


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If you are just looking for Instagram proxies, then we recommend the PLATFORM 4G+ Mobile Proxy plans. :money_mouth_face: You will save cost by just using Instagram on those proxies. Of course you can also choose another platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc.).

We have finished testing our brand new hardware and software setup :muscle: and are happy to say that we have made major improvements to our 4G+ Mobile Proxies here in :austria: Austria, EU.

But first check out our new and lightning fast sales page at: www.Proxy.Doctor

MPsocial Special Offer
4G+ EU Mobile Proxies form 34.90EUR/Month!

You can contact us on Telegram @ProxyDoctor
to find out more.

Regarding free trials, just comment below:


We will have slots ready for 3 day trials.

Boris out.
:point_right: www.Proxy.Doctor