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Trial still available?

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Yes, of course. Sent you a DM.

Can I get a trial?

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Sure, sent you a DM.

Overall interesting, what fraud score do the proxies have?

Since they are mobile IPs, generally zero.
That is the advantage of mobile proxies form a tier 1 country like Austria :austria: Europe.

Looks good speed. Can I get a test for see how it works and post a review?

Absolutely, sent you a PM :call_me_hand:
Speeds can always vary on mobile proxies, since the connection to the cell tower and the mobile ISP will also have fluctuations at different times of the day. But for sure enough speed for social media platforms. For video streaming services or mass upload of larger video content it can reach it’s limits, as any mobile internet connection.

Can I get a test for see how it works

Sure :+1: just sent you a DM

i need it this, thanks

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Nice offer i will buy to try this

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Is a 1 day free trial possible for a single proxy? Potentially interested in purchasing hundreds of ports.

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Sure, I sent you a PM or you can contact our sales guys via email at sales @ proxy.doctor

Hi @Boris

I need to automate 30 Facebook accounts and therefore would need 3 proxies.

Can you tell me if your service meets the characteristics I’m looking for :

  • IPv 4 HTTPS proxy
  • 4G dedicated proxy
  • Functional for social networks (especially Facebook)
  • IP location Belgium
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Yes, we offer customized 4G Mobile Proxies that are ideal for this purpose.
Regarding IP location, we are based in Austria :austria: Europe, but with mobile proxies (IPs) location is not so relevant.
Feel free to visit our website https://proxy.doctor and request a trial to see how well they work for you.

I bought via your website, didnt get any email or proxy info, sent you as message now on tg as well

All done :+1::blush: @cakerake

WE KNOW YOU DON’T ALWAYS NEED 80€ PER MONTH MOBILE PROXIES :sunglasses:… SO WE OFFER THEM MORE THAN 50% CHEAPER!.. and yes, you can log in accounts created in other countries without any issues.


We are located in Austria :austria: & Germany :de: Europe, so we physically can only supply mobile proxies from these locations. But with GPS and Browser Location Settings spoofing, you can target any country (e.g. USA or UK) due to the nature of mobile IPs.
It is like traveling with your phone abroad, it keeps the local mobile IPs, but will override your location